Youth Potion

The story began in 1959, when ULTIMA II placed a mark in history of beauty and skincare by presenting “ULTIMA – Precious Cream”. Powered by 3 youth forces that targets stimulation, nourishment and moisture to the skin. Dedicated to all women who spends a lifetime living up to her potential, this was ULTIMA II’s maiden journey in quest to the secret for everlasting youth.

The Collagen Expert

ULTIMA II pioneered "Collagen100" – one of the most important beauty discoveries since moisture. Ultima II taught the world how collagen plays a vital role in retaining youth and beauty. Spearheading the discovery, we are the first to provide 100% pure collagen in our skincare ranges.

It doesn’t end here. We further improved our potion to everlasting youth advancing our formula to "CHR". Persistence in research and innovation is our DNA.

ULTIMA II advanced forward by introducing – "ProCollagen".

An unprecedented anti-aging complex that consist of three signature collagen that works efficiently to prevent and reverse signs of aging . Our expertise and innovative technology behind our key ingredients earned us the title "The Collagen Expert".

After 60 years of dedication and persistence in research, ULTIMA II finally took it to a whole new level by bringing you the revolutionary, CollaSence

We ensure every drop is a promise to everlasting youth.

ULTIMA II | The Ageless Expert Founded in New York