Whether you're planning to welcome in 2022 chilling in your home or celebrating at your favorite restaurants, a 5-minute holiday glam look would always deserve a try! Consider yourself covered for a dazzling New Year’s look in just five minutes using the following range of products from the ULTIMA II Delicate Series.


1. Primer

ultima delicte under  make up primer

After the skincare session is over, the first step you can do is to apply a primer before makeup begins. Its function is to disguise fine lines and wrinkles, disguise acne scars, make skin softer and stay moisturized, shrink skin pores, and make makeup last longer. For this one, you can choose Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections which contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin throughout the day, Vitamin E as an antioxidant to protect the skin from damage caused by pollution and UV rays, and also combined with ULTIMA II Signature CollaSence to nourish, regenerates, and smoothes signs of aging for healthy and radiant skin.


2. Foundation & Translucent Powder

ultima delicate creme powder

Next, you can continue by applying foundation powder to even out skin tone and create a light, natural second-skin look. You can use Delicate Crème Powder Makeup which contains Collagen and Vitamin E to nourish the skin so that it produces a soft and smooth texture. Even better, this medium coverage crème powder can last up to 10 hours.


3. Blush On

ultima delicate blush

Create a fresh make-up look by applying Delicate Shine Blush, where you can get the benefits of blush and highlighter simultaneously in just one product by using blusher with a shimmery finish. Comes in seven beautiful colors to complement various skin tones, the effortless glow finish will create a natural and glowing cheek tone. Feel and look confident with this gorgeous blush!


4. Lipstick



Complete your look by a shimmer finish lipstick with Delicate Lipstick. Choose a bright color and apply it on the center of the lips until it covers about 3/4 of your lips, then apply Procollagen Lip Primer on the edges to create a faint natural color gradation effect on the lips. The combination of these 2 products will make your lips look not only stunning but also long-lasting. Infused with Vitamin C to nourish and protect the lips for a soft and healthy looking-pout. You can even use it as an eyeshadow with a natural look, by dabbing it a little on both eyelids, then tapping with your fingers until evenly distributed.


Voila! Five-minute makeup and you're ready to embracing the happy 2022 New Year!

ULTIMA II | The Ageless Expert Founded in New York