There's nothing wrong with exercising without makeup, you can feel the beads of sweat from your hard work flowing and the reddish hue that makes the skin look fresh. For those of you who want a little touch up when exercising at the gym or other places with the community, the key is choosing a workout-friendly makeup. First, avoid using complexion makeup (especially foundation or powder with high coverage that covers the entire skin surface). Then, focus on your brows, eyes, and lips by applying these 2 tips!


1. Make Your Eyes Look More Lively

Make Your Eyes Look More Lively


Eye makeup, is one of the makeup Wonderwear Eyebrow Eye-Posh Brow Filler and Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara. ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler is an eyebrow pencil that lasts up to 10 hours, perfect for giving definition to natural eyebrows without worrying about 'fading' due to the waterproof and smudge proof formula. Designed with an ultra-fine tip to provide a natural finish.

To make eye makeup more attractive, add ULTIMA II Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara. Mascara that instantly gives a dramatic 3-D lash look in one coat. Equipped with a dual-action silicon brush specially designed to coat eyelashes with a smooth and ultra-pigmented formula without smudging and leaving clumps. The mascara formula is enriched with Nutritious Oils that help moisturize, strengthen, and protect eyelashes. Have dramatic lashes that are flawless and long-lasting throughout the day, including when you sweat while exercising.


2. Colorful & Healthy Lips



Colorful and Healthy Lips

Another part of the face that requires makeup while exercising is the lips. A little touch of color can make a significant difference to your appearance, like with ULTIMA II Delicate The Matte Lipstick. Enriched with Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera to nourish and keep lips feeling smooth and looking healthy whatever your activities. Comes in 8 beautiful colors from natural to vibrant shades that can be chosen according to your mood and personality!

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