The problem of chapped lips can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. So it's not only a problem for those of you who are facing aging but may often be experienced since teenager. It can be really hurt, especially when the skin on the lips peels off until it bleeds. Of course, it is also far from beautiful because any lipstick will look bad when applied to dry lips. But did you know that the key to this problem is actually quite simple? It's to ensure that the lip moisture is maintained. The method? Hydration in the body, external humidity in the air, and the products you use will all contribute to the moisture level of your lips. In fact, taking care of your lips only requires little effort. Follow these tips!


1. Exfoliate Regularly

Before hydrating lips, it is important to remove dead and dry skin first. This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing the applied moisture to properly absorb into your lips later. By exfoliating, your lips will be ready to get the most out of whatever product is applied.

  • Exfoliate with water

Join with warm water for at least 10 minutes, your lips will soften because of the water and steam flowing. Then take a wet towel and rub your lips until the dead skin comes off. Don’t be too harsh, use light pressure while massaging your lips with the towel, and wipe off any remaining dead skin when you’re done.

  • Exfoliate with DIY products

Make your own lip scrub to exfoliate your lips like combining honey with brown sugar in a small jar and massaging the mixture into your lips. The grainy texture of sugar acts as a natural exfoliant, while honey is great for moisturizing. This concoction also tastes great and is easy to make if you have extra time.


2. Overnight Mask

Now that your lips are smooth, it’s time to hydrate. The best way to do this is with an overnight lip treatment that works while you sleep. Like using an overnight mask on facial skin. Apply lip moisturizer before going to bed (or you can use raw honey as well) and feel how soft your lips are in the morning.


3. Lip Care Before Lipstick

Now that you've removed the dead skin and woken up with beautiful lips, you can simply remove the remaining mask in the morning then apply ULTIMA II Procollagen Lip Primer as the last step to treat dry lips before applying your favorite lipstick. This lip primer can provide moisture to the lips to prevent lips from drying out and cracking. Lips feel softer and plumper. Anti-aging essentials for lips.

Procollagen Lip Primer has a formula consisting of Volulip which provides hydration to the lips so that the lips look more volume, Procollagen Complex Technology which helps reduce the fine lines that appear on the lips and gives the effect of lips that feel smooth, soft, supple, and elastic. And a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile Extract to brighten natural lip color and moisturize lips. The formula will improve the natural color of the lips by reducing dullness so that they are brighter and more beautiful when using lipstick.


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