The makeup you wear for a date will look great as long as you adapt it to your character. The key is… be what you wanna be!


Dating with a partner is the most awaited moment. Whether you're in an early stage, long-term relationship, or even married, dating is always an exciting moment to do. For this special moment, we've got some inspiration from your favorite celebrities!


1. Gemma Chan

Gemma chan


Have you watched Gemma Chan's performance as Sersi in Eternals? Flawless! It seems Gemma really likes natural, girly, and romantic makeup on various occasions. Gemma's looks are timeless and suitable for anyone. Even better, this makeup look is beginner-friendly and easy to follow.


Highlights: For feminine make-up, choose a pink tone that matches your skin. Use natural eye makeup shades of nude or pastel. Draw eyeliner to define the shape of the eyes and use mascara to beautify your eyelashes. Use the same color for the blush and lipstick.


What to apply: Use ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Color Quad in shade Classic for the eyes, you can mix several colors to get your preferred result. As for blush, apply Delicate Shine Blush in shade Ruby Dawn. For healthy and beautiful lips, use Procollagen Lip Primer, followed by Delicate Lipstick in Pink shade.



2. Hailee Steinfeld


Hailee Steinfeld


The role of Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye TV series does have a charming face. But not only that, her makeup is always on point! On various occasions, Hailee often accentuates her eyes with a smokey eye makeup style. Copy Hailee's cool look for a sexy and mysterious date vibe.


Highlights: When you decide to use heavy eye makeup, try not to use a color that stands out on the rest of your face!


What to apply: Use the ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Color Quad in shade Classic and pair it with Wonderwear Crayon Cream Eye Posh in shade Dazzling to create beautiful and mysterious smokey eyes. To balance out your eyelid makeup, make sure you also define your eyebrows using Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler.


3. Lily Collins

liliy collins


This talented British American descent actress has always had a fashionable appearance. Not only in fashion but also in makeup. Lily quite often changes her makeup style, especially her lipstick color. One of our favorites is when Lily uses this bold make-up!


Highlights: Lily often opts for flashy makeup colors like maroon lipstick or even fuchsia pink. The color choice may be strong and striking but still looks elegant because it is combined with a hairdo and feminine outfit.


What to apply: As we all know, Lily has thick and beautiful eyebrows. Use Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler to shape, smooth, and plump your brows. Choose a strong color, such as maroon, to be the color theme for your eye, cheek, and lip makeup. Use the ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Color Quad in Classic shade, then blend several colors to get the maroon you want. For cheeks, apply Delicate Matte Blush in Red Grape color. As for the lips, use the Delicate Matte Lipstick in shade Magnetic Mauve.


4. Jisoo 'Blackpink'

jisoo blackpink

Source: Instagram @sooyaaa__


As one of the most famous girl group members, Jisoo does have amazing visuals! Jisoo and Blackpink quite often experiment with various makeup themes according to their stage concept. But when starring in the Snowdrop drama, Jisoo looks stunning with super flawless makeup 'no makeup'! Steal her look with these tips!


Highlights: the key to 'no makeup' makeup is healthy and glowing skin. But we understand that everyone has different skin conditions, with different problems. That's why base makeup is very important to realize this look!


What to apply: First thing first, apply Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections makeup base, a primer to close and smooth the appearance of pores, fine lines, and disguise skin imperfections. Then continue with Wonderwear Make Up, a liquid foundation that contains a patent-pending formula with a natural finish. Perfect it with The Nakeds Face Powder, loose powder with a soft texture and natural finish that makes the face look bright and shimmery.

Then continue with makeup as usual with shades of nude colors that match your skin tone. If you have pale skin like Jisoo, add eye shadow and blush on baby pink shades. And voila, you have a look of K-Pop Idol for your date!


5. Amandla Stenberg

amandla stenberg


This young actress from the United States has promising talent as well as a stunning appearance. With her beautiful brown skin, Amandla knows very well how to accentuate her 'next-generation' beauty. This creative makeup style gives a unique touch to her face, you can feel the youth in every appearance!


Highlights: This look is suitable for those of you who like fun dates, try to look unique and anti-mainstream!


What to apply: We love the way Amandla applies eyeliner! The iconic cat-eye style looks more trendy by combining the use of liquid eyeliner with eyeliner pencil at the ends and under the eyes. The result also looks different from the usual cat-eye style. You can use Wonderwear Eye-Posh Liquid Liner to frame the upper eye line. Then use Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner to shape the outer corner of the eye and the lower eye line. Amandla also looks even cuter by shaping her eyebrows with her thick natural brow style!

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