Natural and minimalist makeup is becoming more and more popular. Just like its name, it's a style of makeup that only requires a few makeup tools—yet can make a significant change in appearance. The key is to give variety and focus your makeup on certain parts of your face. The result will be mind-blowing!

After your skincare routine, start your makeup with a moisturizing base to help create a flawless and smooth canvas like Delicate primers. Then apply a liquid foundation only on areas where you need a little extra coverage (under eyes, dark spots). Choose a buildable and moisturizing foundation like Wonderwear Make Up with 9 shades or Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Make Up that stays flawless all day. Then set it with Wonderwear Pressed Powder to reduce shine and help prevent the foundation from wearing off  (if you're after for more simple steps, skip the foundation and just go straight to pressed powder). Then, you can try our 4 curated minimalist makeup inspiration using breathable and high-definition makeup from ULTIMA II Wonderwear Series below!


1. Smile with Your Eyes

During this pandemic, many beauty lovers like to experiment with eye makeup—for example, colorful eye shadow. But we understand, bright colors are not everyone's favorite. It's okay if you're more comfortable with neutral colors and still want to stand out. You can still look charming by focusing on eye makeup but using neutral colors. Complete it with calm nude colors for your lips and blush to accentuate the eye makeup even better.

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2. Red Lips, Why Not?

Minimalist makeup doesn't have to be just neutral colors. Boost your self-confidence and empower your day with bold red lips. Choose a matte yet moisturizing lip product that can serve you a flattering color and healthy lips at the same time. Pair it with an on fleek black eyeliner. Since you want to make the red lips your main actor of the day, balance it by avoiding heavy makeup on other parts of your face.

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3. Think Pink!

Choosing pink in all your makeup can actually work as long as you pay attention to the following tricks; make sure everything stays soft and spread them out (no need to focus on one part of the face). Avoid strong black eyeliner, too bright pink, or heavy contours. Instead, try to create natural eyebrows, curly eyelashes, and matching calm pink. Use a multi-purpose product like a matte, lightweight, and buildable liquid lip that you can use for your eyes, lip, and blush.

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4. Back to Basic

If you are more comfortable with a calm and classic natural tone, play with neutral shades like nude, brown, brick red and give a little sparkle to the eyes and cheeks. Try to combine two lipstick shades for a unique and fresh color.

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