Everyone wants to look younger for a longer time. Fortunately, our skin has the ability to regenerate itself naturally. This regeneration processes sheds dead skin cells and shows new skin cells so our skin gets healthier look. This process occurs naturally every 28 days, however, aging and other habits slows down this process. Therefore, you can try to optimize the skin regeneration process by following these steps.

Cleanse thoroughly

You have cleaned your face, however, is it really clean yet? Cleaning the face with face wash product is not enough, especially if you use makeup every day. Cleanse thoroughly by taking triple cleansing steps. First, use Collagen Hydrating Resource (CHR) Cleansing Lotion, then cleanse using Vital Radiance Foaming Face Wash, and continue with Collagen Hydrating Resource (CHR) Milky Toner from ULTIMA II, thus makeup, dirt, and pollutants will be removed clearly from your skin. You should also do exfoliating to take off dead skin cells and renew it, by using Vital Radiance Foaming Exfoliator once a week.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping too late, and not getting enough sleep, can make your skin looks dull. Sleeping time is the best time for your skin to rest and repair itself. If you didn’t get enough sleep, the repair process becomes less optimal. Use Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Cream that contains ULTIMA II Signature Collagen "Procollagen Essence", Caviar, and DNA to help renew skin cells and give nutrition during the night while sleeping. 

Get Enough Collagen

Collagen is an important ingredient that is needed by the skin so it looks supple, soft and firm. However, as we’re getting older, natural collagen production slows down. You can fulfill your collagen needs by using Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator. This booster can help take care of aging signs on the skin, optimize the skincare benefits of other products that are used afterwards, as well as containing antioxidants, vitamin E and moisturizing agents so skin feels soft, firm and supple. You can also apply it on the face and neck, and tap gently, or use it as a 5-minutes mask.

After that, you can use Extraordinaire Supreme Precious Collagen. This intensive serum can help repair the texture of the skin. For best results, use 28 days to optimize the skin regeneration process. Feel the benefits and prevent premature aging by using these collagen products.

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