The first step you can take is to use a makeup primer or base as a step to prepare facial skin before starting to makeup. However, unfortunately, until now there are still many who ignore the basic things which are the key to making makeup last long and making the face look flawless. In fact, there are still several other benefits that you can get by including primers such as the Delicate Undermakeup primer from ULTIMA II as one of the makeup series that you wear every day. Anything, huh?


Protects Skin from Direct Makeup Exposure

The first benefit you can get by using a primer as a base makeup is to protect your skin from direct exposure to makeup products, such as foundation or powder, especially if this is your first time trying it. So it will reduce the risk of experiencing skin problems due to the makeup ingredients.


Disguise Pores

For those who has large pores usually will struggle when using foundation for it can make the pores even visible. In this case, a primer will be very helpful to disguise them, so you can have a flawless smooth makeup look.


Disguise Acne and Redness

Apart from helping to disguise pores and fine lines, primer can be used as a substitute for concealer as well which is to disguise acne and redness of skin. The trick is to apply a primer on the face evenly, such as Delicate Undermakeup which consists of two types of primers, namely Tint Aquafleur as a color corrector to reduce redness on the skin and Natural for a natural, glowing finish. The texture that is easily absorbed by the skin will make it easier for you to apply the foundation afterwards.



The ingredients in the foundation can sometimes make facial skin dry, especially if your skin type is dry. This of course will affect your mood throughout the day, right? In addition to choosing a foundation that hydrates your face, you can also use a primer to keep facial skin moisturized throughout the day even when using makeup. Your skin tends to be oily? No need to worry, using a primer before makeup can also reduce oil production so that makeup is easy to blend and doesn't easily fade.


Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Primer is one of the easiest tip you can do to make your makeup last all day long. You can apply Delicate Undermakeup using clean palms, brush, or sponge before applying foundation. Some of the ingredients in it are very good for the skin:

  • Sweet Almond Oil to disguise fine lines for a smooth texture skin.
  • Lanolin Oil to moisturize and make the foundation easier to absorb into the skin.
  • Decyl Oleate to form a thin layer so that the skin is not oily and sticky.
  • Titanium Dioxide to protect skin from UV rays exposure.


Now you don't need to be confused anymore about making long-lasting makeup all day long by applying Delicate Undermakeup. To get maximum results, use the ULTIMA II series of skincare routines every day. Makeup looks flawless and long lasting? Delicate Undermakeup is here to answer your beauty needs!

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