Being at home doesn't mean your skin is problem-free, they might occur from neglecting skin care routine. Changed in a routine might make your daily schedule a mess, including your skin care time. Be careful, because your skin might experience these 3 problems!

Striped Skin

Is basking in the sun now your new routine? If yes, do continue this good habit. It’s a well-known fact that sufficient sun exposure is good for the body for it helps to produce vitamin D naturally. However, no one wants to have an uneven skin tan. To get the maximum benefit from sunbathing, first make sure to sunbathe at the time recommended by WHO, which is between 9-10 am for 15 minutes. But if you sunbathe above 10 o'clock, limit it to no more than 5 minutes.

You can use hats and sunglasses as well to help protect the skin without removing the benefits of sunlight. Perfect it with Clear White Supreme Day Lotion, a light and non-greasy moisturizer that provides protection from UVA and UVB rays. With SEPICALM ™ and SEPIWHITE ™ MSH as its active ingredients that effectively make the skin look bright and even skin tone even when exposed to sunlight. Even better, it’s equipped with powerful anti-oxidants to nourish and revitalize your skin.

Poor Nutrition

When you’re at home, drinking enough water as well as eating enough fruits and vegetables can be a struggle. Though it’s very important to maintain the body nutrition and skin moisture. Other than that, you may also feel that you don't need to apply any skincare because you’re not going anywhere. Yet in fact, your skin still needs its skincare routine as per usual due to stress and lack of fresh air.

Spend your time at home caring for your precious skin with Clear White Supreme Bright Clarifying Mask, a brightening face mask with a dual-clarifying action. Develop exclusively develop and combined perfectly with Charcoal and Apricot Seed Powder,  the natural exfoliator from that are great at cleansing and removing impurities from the skin and minimize pores. Working synergistically with high concentrated Vitamin C from natural ingredients named Kakadu Plum as a powerful antioxidant. The luxurious Procollagen Complex provides sufficient moisture to the skin, as well as smoothen and maintain its elasticity. With SEPICALM ™ VG WP and SEPIWHITE ™ MSH formula, get ready for smooth and radiant skin!

Skin Irritation

The COVID-19 outbreak also forces us to always wear masks everywhere, even if you just stop by the convenience stores in the neighbourhood. But did you know that an active ingredient called Dibromodicyanobutane* present in surgical masks is proven to be the cause of trigger to Contact Dermatitis, a skin redness and irritation syndrome often indicated with mild pustules acne caused by direct contact with an allergen substance.

To anticipate this, you can replace the surgical mask with a soft cotton cloth mask while regularly use ULTIMA II Clear White Supreme facial skin care series. Besides day lotion and clarifying mask, the Clear White Supreme series brings you the intensive Clear White Supreme Face Essence and lightweight Clear White Supreme Enhancing Night Cream as well. Thanks to SEPICALM ™ and SEPIWHITE ™ MSH, the exquisite ingredients that effective for a brighter and even skin tone. This dreamy range also helps reducing inflammation and pigmentation, all while soothing your skin from redness due to irritation or allergy caused by intense use of surgical masks.

Let’s pay more attention to our skin & stay radiant during this #StayAtHome period, shall we ladies?

*Mathias, C. T. (1983). Contact dermatitis to a new biocide (Tektamer 38®) used in a paste glue formulation. Contact dermatitis9(5), 418-418.

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