Since it was first launched in 2020, House of ULTIMA has become a one-stop beauty experience for skin and body care. In 2022, ULTIMA II has also launched various treatments for facial skin and hair. House of ULTIMA II is a complete beauty destination for you—head to toe. This time, we will introduce you to the top 5 face treatments for various skin problems available at House of ULTIMA II. Maybe this is the answer you've been looking for all this time.


1. Tribeca



A luxurious face treatment that stimulates the age reversal process with 2 powerhouse technologies, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and 6D Thermal Diffusion. A non-invasive procedure with results that is equivalent to thread lift. It lifts, shapes, and accelerates collagen remodeling and synthesis. Powered with Caviar extract and PFE (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract). Experience skin that is rejuvenated, firmer, and glowing.


2. Black Diamond on Broadway


Black Diamond on Broadway


Formulated with the wonder ingredient TeloYouth Complex, it penetrates deep into the skin and enhances cell function by targeting telomere length to address existing DNA damage. Combined with the unique Powersculptors 3-in-1 System which synergistically combines 3 technological breakthroughs in 1 treatment. Wrinkles and fine lines appear reduced, skin regains its suppleness and radiance. The vital power of other powerful active ingredients prevents aging while helping to even out skin tone and restore skin clarity and natural radiance.


3. Timeless in 5th Avenue

Timeless in 5th Avenue


The vital power of Collagen works in harmony with other powerful active ingredients to reverse the effects of aging and strengthen skin density. Combines the gold standard in Radio Frequency and Muscle Restora Plus Technology to stimulate collagen synthesis, promote skin rejuvenation, and increase muscle density which increases facial volume. A beautiful synergistic journey created to perfect skin that is young, firm, and refreshed.


4. Manhattan Glamor

Manhattan Glamor


A treatment that is light years ahead of its time, this advanced skin brightening treatment combines an extraordinary blend of potent active ingredients with exclusive Illuminaire Light Technology. Works on targeted skin that helps to protect and keep the skin cells healthy. Contains seven complex active formulas that intensively work through an innovative 3D Lightening approach to target melanin thereby preventing and reducing dark spots as well as uneven skin tone.


5. Gotham City

Gotham City


When the skin's barrier ability decreases due to various external and internal factors, the skin loses its resistance and creates various skin problems such as enlarged pores and increased sebum production which causes acne. This special face treatment offers the perfect solution for acne-prone skin. Harnessing the power of active ingredients specially blended with Illuminaire Light Technology to purify and detoxify, deeply cleanses the skin, and frees pores from impurities.



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