Dryness is a skin problem. It can cause the face to look dull and prevent makeup to set well, wrinkles will also appear more obvious on dry skin. You might not realize that a lot of daily habits can make your skin dry. Know more about these factors and treat your dry skin before it is too late.

Room temperature that is too cold

Do you spend lots of time in an air conditioned room? Be careful, this can be the reason why your skin always feels dry. The colder the temperature in the room is, the dryier the skin will be. If you work in an air-conditioned room, don’t forget to always use ULTIMA II PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ DAY LOTION SPF 30 PA +++. The formula can moisturize the skin and revitalize as well as protect it from UV ray. If you use AC at home, use maximum 25 °C.

Not Enough Water Intake

Dehydration can cause dry and dull skin. Therefore, it’s important for you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drink water especially in the morning, when you just wake up. This is because while you were sleeping, the body loose water naturally.

Showering with hard water

If your water at home is hard water, then be careful. This can be the reason your skin is dry. The mineral in the water can cause the skin to loose moisture by decreasing the production of natural oil on your skin that can moisturize. You can check by observing if there are white bubbles left at the floor of your shower in the bathroom. Hard water can also block pipes and decrease water pressure from your shower.  

Washing  Face with Soap

Washing your face with soap can help cleaning the dirt. However, if you wash your face too often with soap, your natural skin moisture can decrease. Washing your face 2 times a day is enough. Once in the morning, and once before sleeping. If you use makeup or if you were exposed with pollution, you can wash your face more often, but apply moisture with ULTIMA II PROCOLLAGEN EXTREMA™ COMPLEX FOR FACE AND NECK that helps hydrate skin better.

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