Who doesn't love multifunctional skincare? Refined with luxurious active ingredients, Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum from ULTIMA II effectively promotes cell regeneration, reduces aging signs, as well as brightens, moisturizes, and protects your skin from environment’s harmful effects. Even better, this time we will share some beauty tips to maximize your appearance with this loved-by-all serum.



1. Double Moisture & Radiance with Treatment Capsules

Double your skin moisture and radiance by combining Pearls of Luminaire with Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules. The Squalane formula insidede moisturizes your skin and promotes its regeneration cycle, as well as fade dark spots, even out skin tone, and optimally hydrate your skin.


Perfected with Luxurious Diamond Powder and Powersource of Multi-Nutrients contained in Clear White Supreme Overnight Radiance Capsules, this treatment capsules will excellently protect your skin from exposure to free radicals and pollution. A perfect companion for you who still have to do outdoor activities, right?


2. Face Looks Soft with Primer

Do you want your face to look flawless with a natural makeup look? You can get it by using the Natural variant of Delicate Undermakeup for a natural, glowing finish as the first step to your makeup morning routine. There are so many benefits that you can get by using a primer, including to disguise pores, fine lines, redness and acne, moisturize the skin, and make your makeup last longer as well.


3. A Flawless Second Skin with Foundation

After using the primer, you can continue doing your makeup routine in the morning by applying the foundation evenly to the face and neck. Not just any foundation, choose products that match your skin tone for a more optimal and flawless result, such as ULTIMA II's Wonderwear Stay Last Make Up which is packed with Dimethicone and Sodium Hyaluronate for a smooth and radiant second skin. Even better, this long-coverage foundation can last up to 10 hours so you can do your activities more comfortably and confidently.


Start and end your day with a versatile serum that can both brighten and prevent signs of aging. Experience a soft, bright, and youthful skin yourself with Pearls of Luminaire Brightening Serum!

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