Pampering yourself with body treatments is one of the many ways of showing gratitude to yourself, especially in between heavy schedules and hectic routines. But now, body treatments can offer so much more than just a mere quality time. You can even replace daily exercise with a specific body treatment to maintain a healthy, toned, youthful figure. House of ULTIMA II offers variety of effective and advanced Body Treatments that you can select based on your concerns. Lets take a look at the treatments below.


1. Ultimate Broadway Lift and Sculpt

Ultimate Broadway Lift and Sculpt is a body treatment powered by 3-in-1 Unique System, a cutting-edge technology that performs heavy-duty fat burning action and a series of massages to facilitate lymphatic drainage process.

The advanced technology 3-in-1 Unique System in Ultimate Broadway Lift and Sculpt is perfectly
 combined with potent actives such as CelluBurn and Lanolytic which are perfect when you are searching for a treatment that can effectively burn fat as well as prevent and minimize the appearance of cellulites. One session every week is all it takes for a maximum result.


2. Red Carpet in 5th Avenue

Next on the list is Red Carpet in 5th Avenue, a body treatment that incorporates MRP (Muscle Restora Plus) technology. The main function of this advanced technology is 3R: Release, Remove, and Reshape. A perfect treatment for an effortless red carpet body.

Aside from the technology, Red Carpet in 5th Avenue also uses active ingredient Stem Slender which offers multiple other benefits, such as:

  • Accelerate fat reduction
  • Lifts and tightens
  • Detoxification and drainage
  • Enhanced muscle toning
  • Fades the appearance of cellulite

Just like Ultimate Broadway Lift and Sculpt, one session of Red Carpet in 5th Avenue every week is enough for a maximum result.


3. Hot in Manhattan

If you only have 30 minutes to spare every day, Hot in Manhattan is the perfect treatment for you. This amazing treatment is able to replace your daily missed out exercise as well as maintain your body shape and health. What makes it different from the previous treatments is that Hot in Manhattan can be done one to two times every week.

The treatment is fairly simple and relaxing. You are placed inside a thermal blanket for 30 minutes. During the treatment, the combination technology of Infrared Ray and Infrared Waves works synergically to deliver heat wave into the body which equals to cardio exercise or 10 kilometers run. This is to encourage fat burning process and muscle relaxation, increase blood circulation, as well as reducing joint pain.


4. Gotham City Essential Wrap

Last but not least, Gotham City Essential Wrap, a body treatment inspired by the natural process of Thermogenesis that effectively targets and burns fat accumulation. With ULTIMA II Intense Body Sculping Solution that gives a cold sensation on a specific temperature to stimulate the natural response of body and increases the natural fat burning process. This special body treatment helps to combat excess fat by increasing basal metabolism to induct fat loss up to 1000 cal.

Gotham City Essential Wrap is safe to be done two to three times every week for a maximum result.

Now that you know all the extraordinary House of ULTIMA II body treatments, which one of it that you cant wait to try? Kickstart your journey to everlasting youth by visiting House of ULTIMA II at Plaza Indonesia, Level 4 or contact us at +6221-2992-0059 for free consultation and booking appointment. Follow Instagram House of ULTIMA II at @houseofultimaii and Facebook at House of ULTIMA II.

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