Answering your enthusiasm for a fresh and glowing look, ULTIMA II launched two new primers in the Delicate Under Make Up collection to complement the previous types; Delicate Under Make Up in Tint Aquafleur and Natural. Because who doesn't love a reliable primer that makes your makeup looks perfect and keeps your skin healthy at the same time, right? Welcoming Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance and Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections to the Delicate makeup base family! So, let’s dive into the exciting benefits of these two new gorgeous primers.



Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance

For our dry skin sisters, we’re here for you! This type of skin often makes it difficult to apply makeup, let alone to get that natural glow look. ULTIMA II Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance is here to solve your problem! This gorgeous-looking primer makes the makeup adheres well to dry skin types and gives the skin a natural shine finish. Enriched with ULTIMA II Signature Collagen Complex which helps nourish, regenerate, and disguise signs of aging and make skin look naturally radiant. The formula is super soft and light, perfected with Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to maintain skin moisture and optimally hydrated the skin, so it feels soft and supple. It also protects your skin from the dangers of free radicals due to pollution and UV rays. The result, not only skin look smoother, but also healthy and steals attention because of the pearlized and super glowing skin finish!



Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections

Another skin problem that often prevents you from having a flawless look: large pores and uneven texture! Applying unsuitable makeup will only make it look cakey. That's why ULTIMA II presents you the Delicate Under Make Up No More Imperfections. Developed to works amazingly at blurring the appearance of pores, fine lines, and other skin imperfections for healthier-looking skin. The texture is ultra-light and gives you an even and smooth skin texture. Super comfortable to use as well as hydrating the skin throughout the day thanks to its Hyaluronic Acid ingredient. Packed with Vitamin E as well to save your skin from pollution and UV damage; combined with ULTIMA II Signature CollaSence to nourish, regenerate, and smooth aging signs. Say hello to healthy skin and perfect makeup look!


So, which new primer will be your next favorite?

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