Dear Delicate fans, we got good news for you! The all-time best selling nutritious makeup series, Delicate series is here with a whole new chic look! And not only that, ULTIMA II also improved the nutritious ingredients infused inside to help you achieve more confidence, without the need to worry about any skin concerns.



Strength in Delicate

Just like an inspiring quote from Atticus Aristotle, True Strength Lies in Gentleness”, Delicate series is dedicated for women who believes that there is always strength behind a delicate personality. ULTIMA II aims to portray strength and confidence behind the delicate side of this series as well, that has never been revealed before. Together, standing out in confidence, looking effortlessly you.


What's Inside The Series?

Delicate series contains 9 versatile products categorizing from base to lip.



We start off with the BASE department;

  1. Delicate Under Make Up – a primer that creates the perfect canvas for a flawless and perfect makeup. Available in 2 types.



Next we have the FACE trio;

  1. Delicate Crème Powder Makeup – a powder foundation that is long-lasting up to 10 hours while still packed with actives to nourishes the skin. Come in 6 natural shades.
  2. Delicate Translucent Pressed Powder – your must-have daily powder that covers all your skin imperfections while looking all-natural. Ready in 3 basic adaptable shades,
  3. Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer – Delicate fans’ favorite, a lightweight loose powder packed with abundant of moisturizing properties that has light texture and delivers natural finish. Come in 5 sheer shades.



After that, meet the CHEEK sisters;

  1. Delicate Matte Blush – your go-to daily rosy blush that gives off matte finish. Blushing in 5 stunning shades.
  2. Delicate Shine Blush – a shimmery finish blush with soft and smooth texture that blends perfectly and creates a natural glow on the cheek. Shining in 7 gorgeous shades.
  3. Delicate Facelight – the best highlighter on Delicate series that delivers a fresh, luminous look on the best feature of your face.



And last but never the least, the duo LIP -stick;

  1. Delicate The Matte Lipstick – enriched with Vitamin E to deliver colourful shades on the lips with matte finish throughout the day. Available in 8 vibrant shades.
  1. Delicate Lipstick – another lipstick from Delicate series that is enriched with moisturizer and Vitamin C for a perky, juicy lip look. Come in 15 rich shades.



Why Do I Need Delicate Series?

Just like other series in ULTIMA II, Delicate is dedicated to the exciting women who spends a lifetime living up to her potential. With the concept of Strength in Delicate behind this launch, ULTIMA II aims to walk hand-in-hand with women to be confident and strong, as it should.

Aside to that, Delicate series is also perfect for your daily because of its moisture rich formula that nourishes your skin while still delivers vibrant colours to your makeup. It also comes with diverse selection of colours that you can select depending on your skin tone.

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