Celebrated as a symbol of a child's love for their mother, Mother's Day usually will be decorated with sweet words as well as a series of special gifts. If you are still confused about what gift to give, a series of anti-aging skincare products from ULTIMA II can be your perfect solution to pamper your beloved mother.


1. Night Cream

Having healthy and youthful skin regardless of age is a dream for every woman. Therefore, you can help make it happen by giving a small surprise through a night cream gift from ULTIMA II such as:

Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Cream, a moisturizing cream that promises a youthful looking skin. The powerful formula in this cream is able to increase the production of collagen and ceramides from within. Contains a blend of luxurious ingredients, namely CollaSence, Caviar Complex, and DNA Technology. Skin looks younger, brighter, supple and lifted.

Clear White Supreme Enhancing Night Cream contains powerful anti-oxidants AA2G (Vitamin C) and Phytessence Kudzu. Effectively increasing collagen production and encouraging the reduction of dark. Even better, it also helps avoid free radicals for a youthful complexion.


2. Serum

Besides night cream, another skincare product that you can give to your mother as a gift on Mother's Day is serum. Its function is to support the use of other anti-aging skincare to disguise signs of premature aging.

Extraordinaire Supreme Advanced Lifterale Daily Skin Regeneration Serum powered by for a visibly lifted appearance with youthful radiance. The formula was specially developed to fight, correct, and smooth the signs of aging and revive youthful, radiant skin.

Extraordinaire Supreme Precious Collagen Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment that effectively stimulates skin renewal and enhances skin regeneration process to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Amplified by Dynalift Technology, this ingredient works to lift skin quickly and long-lastingly, giving skin a radiant appearance.


3. Eye Care

Signs of premature aging in women are usually known from the appearance of fine wrinkles in the area around the eyes. Therefore, eye care products can also be a suitable gift choice to be given on Mother's Day. No need to be confused, here is a selection of eye care products from ULTIMA II that you can give to your mother.

Extraordinaire Supreme Advanced Lifterale Daily Eye Regeneration Serum an eye serum that helps the skin around the eyes look firm and lifted. A powerful duo formula that reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles around the eyes. Other benefits that can be obtained are brightening the skin in the area around the eyes, disguising signs of fatigue and aging, and making the eyes look radiant.

Help blur wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes with Procollagen Supreme Caviar Eye Serum which contains a combination formula with powerful active ingredients to regenerate skin in the eye area. This serum is also able to reduce puffiness in the eyes, eye bags, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Well, after reading some of the Mother's Day gift recommendations above, have you decided which product to choose? Make sure you wrap it nicely, complete with beautiful words even a bouquet of flowers to create unforgettable Mother's Day moments with your mother.

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