Look fit and confident is every woman's desire. Not only your face needs to be treated, don't forget your body, which has been supporting all your activities all day. Because every person is unique and special, House of ULTIMA II presents you holistic body treatments that are specifically designed and personalized to your special needs. This beauty center offers a variety of premium quality body treatments through a luxurious beauty journey for those of you who want to look stunning. However, before trying it yourself, first identify what type of body treatment is most suitable for you. Check out the following reviews!

1. Cellulite

One of the most irritating and difficult to solve beauty problems. Reduce cellulite with the Ultimate Broadway Lift & Sculpt. A body treatment formulated for fat burning and massage that facilitates lymphatic drainage (removes toxins and fat) in our body. This method can prevent and minimize the appearance of cellulite to form body contours.

2. Sagging Skin

Many things can affect a person's body tone. Damage, aging, pregnancy, and even slight fluctuations in body weight are common. As a result, the skin becomes loose and looks less aesthetic. Tighten loose skin and body with the Red Carpet in 5th Avenue treatment. Awake the muscles of the body to accelerate three main functions namely 3R: Release, Remove, & Reshape and can strengthen and increase muscle volume.

3. Excess Fat

Weight gain is influenced by various factors. However, increasing age and lifestyle imbalance is one of the causes of metabolism to slow down and this also affects your body shape. If you have problems with excess fat deposits in your body, try the Gotham City Essential Wrap treatment which is inspired by the natural process of Thermogenesis. This particular treatment combats fat deposits by increasing your basal metabolism to induce fat loss of up to 1000kcal.

4. Flat Body Shape

You must already know that the way to keep your body healthy and in ideal shape is to exercise regularly. However, we understand that not everyone has the time (or commitment!) To do it regularly. Understanding those of you who are experiencing this problem, Hot in Manhattan is here as a body treatment to detox the body and as an alternative for exercise. A breakthrough innovation with thermal therapy (using heat energy) that encourages the detoxification process, lymphatic drainage, and supports health by improving blood circulation so as to increase oxygen and energy. Combined with heat waves that help destroy fat, relax muscles, and reduce pain especially from rheumatism and arthritis.

Well ladies, rest assured for every treatment in House of ULTIMA II will always begin with a consultation with Beauty Consultant to ensure most maximal, effective, and safe results for your needs and desires.


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