Happy Chinese New Year and Welcome to The Year of Ox. To celebrate the confidence, inspiring, and reliable personality of the ox, we presents you one of beauty influencer to-go lipstick for creating a head-turning looks, everyone’s favourite, ULTIMA II Procollagen Lipstick with various colors and moisturizing formulas that able to make your lips looks and feels amazing! Now, you’re gonna be more than ready to have a virtual celebration with your loved ones. Check out the inspiration for selected lipstick colors from your favorite beauty influencers below.



1. @Dhharu

Steal the look from Bellinda for your Chinese New Year celebration. With simple yet still on point makeup by accentuate the eye area using cat eye eyeliner style. Then perfected with Procollagen Lipstick in Pink shade for charming lips.


2. @ M.arcellaaa

Marcella looking lovely with her healthy skin & lips! For those of you with healthy appearance like Marcella, there's no need to worry for any makeup you choose will look good on your skin. Shade Pink is perfect for a no makeup makeup look that highlights the natural pink blush of your lips.



3. @Erianaayn

Embody a bold yet feminine makeup look like this gorgeous beauty influencer with bold eyebrows and eyeliner, and strong yet calm eyeshadow colors. With mauve pink mauve and brown themes, Eriana looks stunning in Peony shade.


4. @Ivanachandrawijaya

Flawless makeup is timeless. A glowing look like Ivana is perfect for those of you who want to look elegant and natural when celebrating Chinese New Year at home. The combination of Peony shade with soft colors on eyeshadow and blush will any hair color.


5. @Selinchanggarista

Who doesn't love bright youthful pink makeup look? You also can create Selin Changgarista's cute and girly look with Peony color from Procollagen Lipstick. Selin only accentuate the bright pink hue on her lips with a matching blush for Korean makeup styles.



6. @Stefanielienardo

Chinese New Year feels not complete if you haven't put on red lipstick? Then Glam Berry shade is your soulmate! Let your passionate soul shine brighter with red like Stefanie Lienardo’s makeup look. The result? Sexy, elegant, fearless, and very Chinese New Year, of course.



7. @Licyacen

Licya Cendrasyca really knows how to look uber cute! Her natural makeup is combined with bright and fresh lipstick colors in Spice shade.



8. @Gladysagathaa

For those of you who like a young and fun look, you might be inspired by the natural and fresh Gladys Agatha-style makeup with the Procollagen Lipstick in Caramel color.


So, have you decided which lipstick color you’re going to use for this Chinese New Year? Perfected your beautiful look with Beauty Influencer’s favourite lipstick — ULTIMA II Procollagen Lipstick with innovative technology, Advance Science Technology. Contains Macrocystic Pyrifera Extract for volume lips and Laminaria Japonica Extract that provides antioxidant effect. Enriched with Procollagen Complex to fill in fine lines on lips. Available in 12 beautiful and charming color choices for various makeup styles that you desire.

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