Known as The Collagen Expert, ULTIMA II is committed to continuously doing in-depth research and improving collagen as the secret to everlasting youth. This year of 2019, ULTIMA II took it to a whole new level and proudly presents “CollaSence”, a signature collagen created by Ultima II. Formulated in New York, once considered the most important beauty discoveries since moisture, “CollaSence” has been perfected to make everlasting youth come true. “CollaSence” can be found in Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator and other ULTIMA II collagen based skin care and make up. It is the unification of the three signature collagen perfected with our unique technology.


Heat activated release and time activated release technology is what makes CollaSence one of its kind. It ensures constant delivery of nourishment to skin throughout the day with one application.


Self-preserving technology – Unique molecular structure that enables efficient penetration  to skin. Increases skin’s preservation ability to regenerate, renew, repair and binds water to increase skin hydration levels.


Epiderm delivery System – Active ingredients delivered effectively to epidermis and dermis layer resulting in the stimulation of fibroblasts and elastin tissues. The perfect equation to restoring balance between collagen breakdown and collagen synthesis.

These benefits of “CollaSence” can be obtained from using Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator from Ultima II. Every drop is a promise to everlasting youth. If you desire an everlasting youth despite the increasing of age, try using Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator daily paired with other Procollagen Extrema series for maximum results. Consists of NEW Procollagen Extrema Day Lotion SPF 30/PA+++, NEW Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face & Neck, NEW Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence, NEW Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator,  and Procollagen Extrema Night Cream that can be use as your daily skin care regime.

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