All of us has always many sides to our personality. Yes, every woman can be both strong and kind, graceful yet bold when needed. Each side can shines in different situations. You may be very gentle when talking to your kids at home, yet fierce and full of confidence doing presentations at work. ULTIMA II answers your self-expression necessity so you can exude your personality confidently.

Meet Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek—a long-lasting matte liquid lip & cheek with nourishing formulas to create high definition of velvet nude tones, revealing an effortlessly natural glow both on lip and cheeks. After all, who doesn’t love dual-purpose products? Infused with all moisturizing ingredients that delivers abundant hydration to lip and cheeks, keeping it soft, supple, and moisturized all day. Check out the benefits of each formulas!

  • ULTIMA II Collagen Complex

    Deeply nourishes lip and cheek, stimulates collagen synthesis, and superior moisture binding properties to imparts smoothness and suppleness on skin’s appearance and prevent signs of aging as well.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Excellent moisture retaining capacity to deliver abundant hydration for an intense and lasting skin hydration and smoothness.

  • Nutritious Oil Complex

    A combination of exceptional nutritious oils such as Argan Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, and Castor Seed Oil that are rich in essential fatty acids and vital nutrients for skin to enhance skin’s smoothness and softness.

  • Vitamin E

    Natural derived antioxidant properties to protect skin from harmful effect of external aggressors (pollutants, UV rays, etc).

  • Amino Ceramide

    Repairing, conditioning, and moisturizing agent to intercellular lipids and keeps lip and cheek in healthy condition.

The creamy, feather light texture made them easy to wear, you’ll almost forgot you had it on. These full coverage beauties are available in 8 flawless nude color choices that are perfect for various daily activities. Enjoy falling in love with yourself all over again through these colors:

Now you can express your inner beauty freely. Just glide your Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek to the lips with its applicator and dispense a desired amount on your cheeks, then dab lightly and blend it quickly over the skin. Looking sensational and feeling exceptional, all achievable now in just a glide away!

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