Since its opening on last February 2020, ULTIMA II has reached another beautiful milestone by establishing a new beauty facility at the 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia, House of ULTIMA II. A personalized face and body treatments to cater all your beauty needs, a holistic beauty journey. Here are 4 reasons why you need to book your appointments and have House of ULTIMA II treatments right now!

Skin & Body Identificare – An Accurate Skin & Body Diagnosis

Before jumping into House of ULTIMA II treatments, there will be consulation session where your skin is diagnosed and checked with the latest technology from House of ULTIMA II, called Skin & Body Identificare. It is an advanced technology utilized to check and diagnose your skin & body thoroughly. Using the advanced technology, you can find out about your skin type, skin problems, and your actual skin age, whereas for body you can find out how many percentage of fat in your body, your body mass, the water percentage in your body and your actual body metabolism age. From the diagnosis result, the consultant will then give you the correct recommendation of skin & body treatments that suits your needs the most, including what kind of ULTIMA II skin care products that is the most ideal for your skin. This accurate diagnosis is important before doing treatments to get an optimal results out of it.

High-Quality Product

ULTIMA II is one of the pioneers in beauty industry. Established in 1959, ULTIMA II has been committed for more than 60 years to innovate and develop a unique formula for each of its products. ULTIMA II promises to deliver high-quality products to solve women’s varied skin problems such as oily and dry skin, pimples, black spots, and the most important is aging. The wide product range allows you to get proper care with exclusive products.

Professional Therapists

At House of ULTIMA II, your skin and body will be treated by professional therapists who are trained and experienced in the beauty treatment.

5 Senses Journey – A Personalized Beauty Journey

Every women has its own taste and needs. One of the reason that makes House of ULTIMA II so different from the other beauty centre is the 5 Senses Journey experience. To put it simple, during your treatment session, you have the freedom to choose everything yourself, starting from the music played, the herbal tea served, the massages, even the essential oils used during treatment. Everything is according to your liking. A beauty journey, designed by yours truly.

House of ULTIMA II is about perfecting of what exists to create a beauty experiential journey through bespoke treatments performed by our professional expertise with advanced technology equipments powered by pioneering formulas developed after extensive years of research.

Contact us for free consultation and appointment booking. Don’t forget to follow our social media for the latest info about promotion and beauty treatment. Plus, you can enjoy limited offers of 30% discount for Elite treatment and 50% for Classique treatment*. So, are you ready to look and feel awesome?

Plaza Indonesia Unit 15 A-C, Level 4
Tel: +6221-2992-0059
Email: @houseofultimaii
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