We know that good makeup takes a lot of time—sometimes even longer than we expect!  But every now and then, we will have to face the challenge of putting makeup in such a short time. Of course panicking won’t help, it will just smear your mascara all over! Instead, spare the fuss and get straight to basics. And yes, you can get your awesome look in just 7 minutes! Just set your timer and follow these essential steps:

Minutes 0”-2”

Skip contouring this time, and focus on covering your blemishes and imperfections. On your clean, moisturized face, apply  ULTIMA II CLEAR WHITE™ 2-WAY WHITENING FOUNDATION evenly. With potent ingredients including Magnesium Aschorbyl Phospat and Vitamin E that functions as antioxidant, this 2-in-1 foundation and compact powder works magic to instantly brighten your skin, as well as keeping your skin moisturized. Do it in only 2 minutes and voila! You’re ready to move on to eye areas.

Minutes 2”-5”

Spend no more than 3 minutes to fix your brows and eye area. Quickly shape your brows with ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH BROW FILLER, automatic eyebrow pencil (it needs no sharpening) that lasts as long as 10 hours without getting smudged. To get a brighter, lively eyes, color your eyelids with ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR CRAYON CREAM EYE-POSH especially in Blissful shade. It’s perfect for quick application since the colors are light, easy to blend, and it lasts until 24 hours. You can skip eyeliner to save time but if you wish so, carefully apply ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH LIQUID LINER. Finish with a quick taps of ULTIMA II MASCARA  to extend your lashes.

Minute 5”-6”

In under 1 minute, smile wide and brush ULTIMA II DELICATE MATTE BLUSH or ULTIMA II DELICATE SHINE BLUSH evenly on both your cheekbone.

Minute 6”-7”

Last but not least, color your lips with ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR CRAYON LIP-POSH FIX. Lip crayon with creamy texture and pigmented matte finish. It’s also long-lasting and so moisturising that it can prevent chapped lips. Available in 8 matte shades.

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