Since its launch in 2020, House of ULTIMA II has continued to develop its facilities as a one-stop beauty care by adding a variety of head-to-toe body treatment options. Intend to stop by? Don't miss the these 3 favorite treatments from House of ULTIMA II.


1. Black Diamond in Broadway

Starting from face treatments, you can their signature – Black Diamond in Broadway. Treatment that focuses on repairing skin cells, overcoming DNA damage, and reducing signs of aging for a youthful healthy skin.

A blend of the latest formula and technology, this treatment offers instant wrinkle relief, formulated with the magical ingredient TeloYouth Complex, which penetrates deep into the skin so it can improve cell function by targeting telomere length to combat DNA damage Combined with the unique Powersculptors 3-in-1 System which synergistically combines 3 breakthrough technologies namely RF, Lippo Laser, and Vacuum in one single treatment.

This treatment will help accentuate facial contours (face shaping), increase skin firmness, and improve blood circulation and lymphatic channels so that the entire skin will get the perfect anti-aging treatment.


2. Ultimate Broadway Lift & Sculpt

Continuing with body treatments, you can't miss Ultimate Broadway Lift & Sculpt. Body treatment with a synergistic combination of powerful active substances and the latest technology to effectively burn body fat with the PowerSculptor 3-in-1 System completed with a series of massages to facilitate the body's internal lymphatic drainage process.

Ultimate Broadway Lift & Sculpt Body Treatment can increase cell metabolism, increase skin energy, and release skin vitality to promote a more effective heavy fat-burning process.

Doing this treatment regularly can form body contours, improve blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, destroy fat, and strengthen and tone muscles so that it helps you achieve a curvy and toned body shape.


3. Hair & Beauty Treatments

The latest from House of ULTIMA II is the presence of various choices of Hair and Beauty treatments. You can now do haircuts and styling, hair coloring, hair care, makeup, hairdo, as well as manicure and pedicures according to your needs. With a strategic location at Plaza Indonesia, you can do facial, body, hair, and nail treatments, and prepare for your next event in the midst of your busy schedule.

Visit House of ULTIMA II at Plaza Indonesia Level 4 to experience a quality beauty experience for yourself. Book your appointment with professional Beauty Consultant via WhatsApp number at +62878-8299-2923.

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