The Barbie film that was released last July, succeeded to captivate the audience and fans of the Barbie doll. The perfect casting brings the iconic Barbie story and legacy to life. Then, of course, it's Barbie look era, from fashion to makeup it's all about pink, pop colors, and embracing the energies of creative freedom.


In the film, Margot Robbie is the main star. However, the figure of Barbie does not only have one persona. Therefore, Barbie in the film is shown in various views and professions. Meet other stunning Barbie actors, Issa Rae and Dua Lipa. Everything looks extra charming at the Barbie Film Premiere Gala. Let their makeup inspire your own Barbie style!


1. Margot Robbie: The Classic Barbie Glam

1. Margot Robbie The Classic Barbie GlamMargot Robbie Is a '60s Barbie in a Bedazzled Pink Skirt Suit

Image: Huffingtonpost UK, Harper’s Bazaar


Margot Robbie is an actress known for her glamorous and elegant look. But as Barbie, Robbie appears more playful—without leaving an elegant impression. At the premiere of the Barbie film in Mexico, Robbie appeared wearing a mini skirt combined with a crop tank top and a bright pink blazer with a sprinkling of jewels scattered on the surface. The suit is in line with the bag, hair band, and heels which are the accessories. Her look is a tribute to the "Earring Magic" Barbie from 1992.


To create Margot Robbie's makeup inspiration in Movie Premiere Barbie, focus on soft natural makeup but still look playful:


• Use Wonderwear Stay Last Liquid Make Up for a smooth and flawless complexion all day long.

• Add a soft-colored blush like Delicate Shine Blush shade Sahara Rose.

• Choose a mascara with a thickening effect for thicker and curlier eyelashes such as the Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara from ULTIMA II. Use bright pink which is Barbie’s iconic color as a highlight of your makeup. Procollagen Lipstick from ULTIMA II which contains Macrocystic Pyrifera Extract for voluminous lips and Laminaria Japonica Extract which provides an anti-oxidant benefit. Enriched with Procollagen Complex to fill in fine lines on the lips. Choose the shade Peony.



2. Issa Rae: The Bold and Beautiful Barbie Look

 2. Issa Rae: The Bold and Beautiful Barbie Look 2. Issa Rae: The Bold and Beautiful Barbie Look

Image: People Magazine


Issa Rae is a star known for her bold and stunning looks. To recreate Issa Rae’s makeup inspiration at Barbie Movie Premiere in the UK, focus on bold lips in a bold color that contrasts with your skin tone for a bold look.


  • Choose a lipstick with a striking color like red, fuchsia, or purple. Use Delicate Lipstick from ULTIMA II shade Fuchsia for a shiny finish or Wonderwear Liquid Lip Posh Fix shade Sizzling for a matte finish.
  • Make sure to cover the lip lines perfectly before applying lipstick.
  • Apply lipstick neatly and use a lip brush to achieve a sharp finish.
  • Avoid eye makeup that is too excessive and decorative, use neutral colors to create a more muted smokey eye, and add a dramatic eyeliner shape with mascara to make your eyes look more attractive. Use the ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye-Posh Liquid Liner along with Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara.


3. Dua Lipa: The Edgy Barbie Vibe

 3. Dua Lipa: The Edgy Barbie Vibe 3. Dua Lipa: The Edgy Barbie Vibe

Image: People Magazine


Dua Lipa is known for her edgy and futuristic look. But this time, Dua Lipa attended Barbie Movie Premiere with nude makeup that gave the impression of everlasting beauty.


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