Though expensive treatments has been done to get that smooth and flawless skin, it all goes to drain when you ignore the most basic skin care treatment and repetitively do the habits that causes acne scars to stay.

Squeezing Acne Carelessly

The appearance of acne on our skin often makes us feel very ‘itchy’. You feel like you want to get rid of the acne so badly. In the end, most of us go for the ‘shortcut’ which is none other than squeezing it. But instead of getting better, the acne tends to get worse, causing bigger inflammation and leave a scar that stays for a long time.

Some beauty clinics still use the ‘squeezing acne’ method on their treatment process, but with a certified medical standard like using sterile tools and knowledge as to which kind of acnes are ready to be squeezed and which are not. That’s why do not ever squeeze your acne carelessly, go to beauty clinic to have a proper treatment and consult a dermatologist if needed.

Covering Pores with Thick Makeup

The biggest impact of acne is having a low self esteem. It feels like you want to hide the acne with makeup. But covering it with heavy loads of makeup will cause the acne to be worse, and can even cause an infection. It is recommended to avoid cream and liquid based makeup if you have an acne such as foundation, cushion, two way cake powder, etc. If needed-cover your acne with acne patch for the mean time to avoid acne getting more contaminated. Use natural makeup such as loose powder until the acne gets better.

Lazy to Remove Makeup

You know you have to clean your face every single time after daily activities. Yet you always hold it, and even forgot to clean it. This is one of the most fatal mistakes you can made that cause acne. Not only by washing, you have to do double cleansing to make sure all the dust, dirt, oil and makeup on your face is gone.

Failed to use sunscreen

UV lights from the sun can cause an apparent dark spots, in which including acnes and acne scars. So it is mandatory to always use sunscreen before moving on with your activities whether it’s on the morning or the afternoon. ULTIMA II Clear White Supreme Protective Day Lotion SPF30 PA+++ CSN can be the perfect choice. A very light, non-sticking moisturizer that gives protection from UVA and UVB lights.

Ignore Night Care

Skin care before bed is often ignored, when in fact, night time is the most optimal time for skin to ‘rest’ and regenerate. Change your lazy habit and start doing skin care before bed time. Use ULTIMA  II Clear White Supreme Enhancing Night Cream as your last step of night skin care. This cream has a light and non-sticking texture.

For a more intensive treatement to get rid of acne scars, use Clear White Supreme Face Essence too in your regime. Consists of formula like SEPICALM™ dan SEPIWHITE™MSH that effectively brightens your skin and even skin tone. Contains of anti-oxidants to nourish and revitalize skin.

Use it on day and night basis after cleansing your face. Apply and blend on face and neck area. Give a little massage to help it absorb into your skin. Avoid using it on eye area. Continue with using   ULTIMA II CLEAR WHITE SUPREME™  Day Lotion on day and Night Cream on night.

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