At least you must have one favorite celebrity who is a role model in terms of fashion and beauty. Whether it's your favorite singer, actress, supermodel, or anyone else who has the look and character you like! Approaching Eid Al-Fitr, why not try applying your favorite celebrity-style makeup while there is still time to experiment with ULTIMA II's newest product line, The New Delicate Series!

After your skincare regime is complete, always start with a primer that suits your skin needs and the look you want, such as Delicate Under Make Up which comes in 2 types (Tint Aquafleur for color corrector and Naturalfor glow look). Get ready to look stunning like these gorgeous talented ladies below!


1. Selena Gomez

Who isn't fascinated the charming Selena Gomez? This multitalented singer always looks stunning at every opportunity. In her daily life, Selena is often seen with feminine and natural makeup, but she doesn't hesitate to appear bold at festive events! Steal her look above with a stand out lipstick color on this holiday.

Recommended Shades:


2. Zendaya

This 24 year old actress and singer has always made us fall in love. Zendaya, who has multicultural background (African, American, German, and Scottish) has healthy brown skin—which most Asian women also have. With her exotic skin color, Zendaya often experimented with various types and colors of makeup. Yet the sweet pastel makeup look above is definitely on our favorite list. For your Eid Al-Fitr look, steal her look with ULTIMA II makeup below.

Recommended Shades:


3. Lana Condor

Lana Condor managed to win the hearts of audience through her acting in the series “To All the Boys I've Loved Before”. This 23-year-old girl often looks stylish with a youthful and fun makeup. Every now and then, Lana seems to be experimenting with eye liners or eye shadows with different colors. However, for the upcoming holiday look, we recommend you Lana’s bold & nude makeup style using shades below.

Recommended Shades:


4. Emma Stone

Elegant and charming are two words that describe Emma Stone's appearance in various moments. That's why Emma's makeup always looks timeless. Like when he attended The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awardsin Beverly Hills in 2015. This makeup is perfect for those of you who want to look edgy with a touch of glamor on Eid celebration. Get that classy & chic Emma Stone look with these Delicate shades.

Recommended Shades:


5. Bae Suzy

K-Drama fans seem to have increased especially during this pandemic, one of the most booming serial in the past year was the Start Up series, starring Bae Suzy. This multitalented lady with her innocent smile who was named the No.1 most beautiful woman in Korea is also inspired us for the‘no makeup makeup look' style that’s perfect foryour Eid online events.

Recommended Shades:


6. Yara Shahidi

At the age of just 21 years old, Yara Shahidi looks gorgeous, charismatic, and confidentin her deep brown skin tone. As an actress, model, and activist, she’s proving that natural makeup can rock unexpected colors as well. Just likeher charm above wearing a dark purplish-pink lipstick and pigtail braids hairstyle. Steal Yara’s style withULTIMA II makeup below.

Recommended Shades:


7. Anya Taylor-Joy

The main star of The Queen's Gambit (Netflix's hit series), Anya Taylor-Joy made her debut in 2010 when she starred in the horror film The Witch when she was 14 years old. Now, the 25 years old - Anya looks even more charming with her unique facial features and light skin tone. Anya's look with the nude pink lipstick above looks elegant and modern to be applied during Eid. You can also combine it with a white outfit and silver jewelry like her.

Recommended Shades:


8. Emma Watson

Want to appear with bold style but don't want to be tacky? Emulate Emma Watson's bold and elegant look above that combines dark eye makeup with bright pink and orange shades. This look is perfect for family events or dinner dates with your lover.

Recommended Shades:


9. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift can never go wrong when using brightly colored makeup. The key to imitating Taylor's makeup is in your courage to match colors. For example, Taylor does not hesitate to combine bright pink eye shadow and lipstick with a bright light purple outfit. Dare to try Taylor-style makeup? Here’s your shades guide, darling!

Recommended Shades:


10. Kendall Jenner

The last inspiration came from the beautiful & chic, Kendall Jenner. As a model, we have seen her tried various makeup themes. But Kendall's natural makeup will always be our favorite. Kendall combined a shocking pink dress with natural makeup and lipstick. The result is truly fabulous and edgy!

Recommended Shades:

So that's the natural and festive look inspiration for holiday using ULTIMA II makeup from the Delicate series with a new and chic look and higher content of Collagen and moisturizer so that it can maintain skin health and moisture.

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