Every woman generally has her favourite makeups that they have fallen in love all over again. Like these three ULTIMA II Darlings that will share their favourite makeup items that have successfully made them more confident in their daily look. Is your favourite product one of them? Keep scrolling to find out 3 makeup items that always stays in their possession!


Felisita - Marketing Communication & E-commerce Executive

  1. Wonderwear Eye Posh Colour Quad

    This eyeshadow is my ultimate love! The color is pigmented and long lasting. I have two palettes, Ecstatic and Classic. And what I like is that in one palette already have both shading and highlight colors. The applicator is also comfortable to wear.

  2. Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara

    This mascara is durable and doesn't wear off easily. So I don't have to worry about smudging under the eye area.

  3. Going Going Gone

    This creamy makeup remover is very handy and quickly removes makeup on my face. Going Going Gone has become my basic daily need.


Finova - Digital, PR, & Event Executive

  1. Procollagen 2 Way Foundation

    I really like Procollagen 2 Way Foundation because besides it contains Collagen, this powder can cover acne or redness on my face. My skin even looks smoother and the results are natural. Super love!

  2. Delicate Shine Blush (Baked Coral)

    Besides its really pigmented color, just a little can make my makeup look fresher with a glowing effect. The more it sinks into the skin, the more my makeup remains bright all day long.

  3. Delicate The Matte Lipstick (Miracle Plum)

    It really doesn't dry out the lips because it contains Vitamin E and Collagen. The color isn’t too vibrant as well so it looks natural. Miracle Plum color is perfect if you want to make an ombre look by mixing it with brown or maroon color like Magnetic Mauve or Sand Sparkle. I approved!


Meri - Trade Marketing Manager

  1. Delicate Creme Make Up

    For hanging out all day, this makeup doesn't crack. So the more we sweat, the more glowing our makeup looks and very high-coverage that sometimes the pores are not visible. Makes me feel confident when appearing in public.

  2. The Nakeds Face Powder (3L)

    The second one, I chose The Nakeds Face Powder because for me, Naked and Delicate cannot be separated. So after using Delicate, I add a little of this face powder so the result is perfect. Its powder granules are smaller in size than other powders, so it’s a perfect companion for Delicate Creme Make Up.

  3. Eyebrow Soft Kohl (Brown)

    Many people say that eyebrows are a woman's charm, something will feel missing if you don't use it. This Eyebrow Soft Kohl is really suitable for my eyebrows which are a bit bushy and not too black. So when I use it, it really enhance my face for better.


Found your dearest items among ULTIMA II Darlings’ all-time favourite above? Now you don't need to be confused about finding the right makeup products for a natural and beautiful everyday look for they have proven it. How about you, ladies? What’s your favourite ULTIMA II makeup?

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