In the new normal era where everyone is required to wear a mask, wearing makeup might not be a top priority for women. However, spending a little time applying makeup before leaving the house can make a big difference to your confidence. Especially for office employees who still need to meet work colleagues and clients.

Adjusting your makeup routine while wearing a mask on your face is not easy. There will be new challenges encountered, one that we all know we frustrated about is makeup that wears off the mask. Tackle this concern with these tips below for a flawless makeup look even with your mask on!

Start with A Moisturizer Rich in Nutrition

Wearing a mask for a long time can cause irritation caused by continuous friction on the skin. Avoid this nightmare with a non-greasy moisturizer that can protect the skin without clogging pores like Clear White Supreme Protective Day Lotion SPF 30 PA +++. Besides moisturizing and nourishing, this lightweight moisturizer contains Sepicalm VG WP and Sepiwhite ™ MSH as well. Derived from Water Lily Extract, these natural active ingredients can calm irritation and inflammation during all the hectic activities throughout your day.

Primer is A Must

Using a primer before makeup helps your skin to create a silky smooth, natural canvas. Primer can make your foundation absorbed maximally into the skin as well, so it doesn't fade or transfer when wearing a mask. Of course, we must choose primers with natural active ingredients that can provide nutrition to the skin. Delicate Undermakeup, for example. This super-light texture primer will easily glide when applied to the skin. Even better, it’s packed with natural active ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Lanolin Oil that provide moisture and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Your Eyes Are The Main Character

When wearing a mask, your eyes area becomes the main focus of your face. So, let’s play with a new eye look using attractive eyeshadow colors that can snatch attention, shall we? Wonderwear Eye Posh Color Quad is gonna be your favourite companion, for each palette consists of 4 bright and wearable colors that can be combined into any desired eye look. Complete it with Wonderwear Eye Posh Liquid Liner for black and defined eyeliner. And of course, the drama queen Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara for a dramatic 3D eyelash look as if using false eyelashes.

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and eyebrows are the frame to it! Do not forget to pay attention to your eyebrows because if they are too thick, thin, or messy can damage the overall appearance of your makeup. Remove the messy eyebrow hair. Then comb neatly and gently fill the blank eyebrow area using the Wonderwear Eye-Posh Brow Filler for a brow look that looks neat and natural.

Clean Face is The Key

After all the busyness, mask usage, and makeup throughout the day, always remember to give your skin a break. Let them breathe and rest for a while so they can stay healthy. Clean your face from makeup, dust, dirt, and pollution using Going, Going, Gone as your first cleanser. This lotion textured makeup remover is universally loved for its proven ability to thoroughly remove impurities, including waterproof makeup. And you know ULTIMA II has always love to spoil your skin needs, for it contains Chamomile Extract that soothes the skin for a healthy and brighter complexion.

Looking gorgeous with perfect makeup while still being safe doing your activities during this new normal era? You know you're ready, girl!

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