Acne scars are one of the most disruptive factors and ultimately your confidence. The most important it if you need to attend important events that require you to look perfect. At times like this, all you need is the right makeup. Step by step below, it might be your guide!

Step 1

First, apply a foundation that can cover the scars on your face and can last well. Try using, Wonderwear Stay Last Makeup from ULTIMA II. A liquid foundation that is long lasting and has matte texture, so it doesn't make your skin look oily. Easy to apply because it contains Dimethicone. It feels comfortable and light on the face even though it is used throughout the day because it contains Sodium Hyaluronate which keeps the skin moist. This foundation also contains Vitamin E which works as an anti-oxidant.

Step 2

Continue using ULTIMA II Wonderwear Pressed Powder. Pressed powder that helps to control shine effect on the face, excess oil and sweat. Makeup looks matte and doesn't fade quickly. Or if you want a makeup that looks lighter, you can also use ULTIMA II Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer. This powder with moisturizer has a light and smooth texture for natural transparent results that can enhance the appearance of facial skin. If your event is more formal and old, use ULTIMA II Wonderwear Pressed Powder, whereas if your event is more casual Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer is right for you. With foundation and powder that covers your facial skin well, the blemishes of acne scars will be blurred.

Step 3

Also, one way to 'divert' attention from blemishes of acne scars is to make makeup focused on other parts. For example, eyes or lips. You can choose one of them. If you prefer a bold makeup for the eyes, use the ULTIMA II Posh Color Quad Wonderwear Eye, 4-color eye shadow in one palette. It contains collagen so that it is easily blended and attached while maintaining healthy skin of the eye area. Because it also contains a cream formula, the result of being given an eye shadow palette is also durable.

If you choose to focus on the lips, choose your favorite color from the series ULTIMA II Wonderwear Liquid Lip Posh Fix, liquid lipstick with a matte finish and long-lasting. The color is solid and perfectly closed. The lipstick contains collagen, vitamin E, and Argan Oil to nourish the lips.

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