It’s been 60 years since the brand’s first mark in the beauty world and ULTIMA II constantly innovates itself to meet the needs of its costumers. Never stop developing breakthrough formulas, ULTIMA II has prepared a new way to enjoy beauty treatments using the best products from ULTIMA II with advanced technology equipment at House of ULTIMA II.

What is House of ULTIMA II?

On February 24, 2020, ULTIMA II officially launched House of ULTIMA II at Plaza Indonesia, a holistic beauty experiential journey for face and body treatments. It’s nothing like the others because every single step is personalized to provides a truly holistic experience for your beauty, body, mind, and soul. House of ULTIMA II helps you to reveal a new side of yourself, awakening one’s innate beauty potential.

At House of ULTIMA II, you will experience a beauty experiential journey that aims to perfect your natural beauty through bespoke treatments performed by professional expertise. Combined with advanced technology equipment that powered by pioneering formulas. All treatments are done professionally starting with analyzing your skin condition. Then, you’ll get skin and body diagnosis using advanced technology at the consultation session for a truly effective treatment results. All therapists at House of ULTIMA II are specially trained so that you can entrust your skin and enjoy the treatments.

Personalize Your Beauty Journey

What’s super great is that the treatment at House of ULTIMA II is a personalized beauty experience. You can create your very own journey starting from the type of music, the flavour of tea served, to the essential oils used during the treatment can be chosen according to your taste. You will also be spoiled by the elegant and luxurious interior of House of ULTIMA II. Cheers to a special and unforgettable beauty journey!

Create your own version of beauty journey! Come to House of ULTIMA II at Plaza Indonesia Unit 15 A-C, Level 4. Professional beauty consultants are ready to listen to your skin concerns and find out what it truly needs with the skin and body analyzer. Contact + 6221-2992-0059 for a free consultation and booking appointment. Follow Instagram of House of ULTIMA II at @houseofultimaii and Facebook at House of ULTIMA II for the latest information on House of ULTIMA II’s treatments, and enjoy special offers of 30% discount for Elite treatments and 50% discount for Classique treatments *.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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