In fact, if you implement several of these habits below to your lifestyle, early aging won’t even stand a chance.

Sleep Early

Your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep regularly to replenish and fix imperfections. One of the benefits of having enough sleep is not only rejuvenation, but can avoid early aging on the skin. If your sleeping schedule is past midnight, then slowly but sure fine lines will appear way before it should be. Your sleeping position also determines the effect of early aging. It is recommended to sleep on your back instead of side ways to avoid face rubbing against pillow.

Stay away from smoke, limit alcohol

Wrinkles can cause faster on smokers, hence the term “smoker’s face”. The decrease of blood flow to face and damage caused by poison chemical on air are the main culprit. Apart from it, smokers tend to slant the eyes to avoid smoke getting into their eyes, which also can cause wrinkles to side of the eye. Want to find a good reason to quit smoking? Early aging can be one.

Excessive alcohol intake (more than one glass for female, 2 glass for male) can give a bad impact to skin and overall body health. People who drink a lot tend to skip their meals which causes malnutrition to body that is actually needed by skin to avoid early aging.

Wash your Face Regularly

There is no natural mineral than water itself. Water gets your face glowing and moisturizes naturally. You can freshen up by rinsing or simply spray with a water sprayer. But don’t take it too heavy with face cleanser. Wash your face only before and after sleep. This will avoid acnes and early aging.

Stop touching your face

Remember that your face skin is very sensitive, don’t touch too often to avoid acne and early aging. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Face and neck tend to be the first to show any signs of early aging so it is very important to moisturizes and treat properly.

Collagen booster

Collagen is the one of the most important nutrition needed by your skin to keep you looking healthy and young. It is important to make sure the skin is nourished internally – by your food intake, or externally – by using a correct skin care product. Therefore to maximize the collagen production, it is recommended to consume more Vitamin C, fish, chicken, beef or other collagen resources. As for skin care, you can use a series of product by ULTIMA II called Procollagen Extrema which consists of NEW Procollagen Extrema Day Lotion SPF 30/PA+++, NEW Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face & Neck, NEW Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence, NEW Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator, and Procollagen Extrema Night Cream. These products contains Signature Collagen, hydorxyprosilane, and marine elastin to maintain skin’s moisture and to keep your skin looking healthy all day.

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