In its early years, cushion is a well-known type of foundation in South Korea. But over the years, more and more cosmetic brands starts to develop this product. Even so, there are a lot of people with oily skin are afraid to try the cushion because they feared it would make their skin look too oily. Actually, oily skin type can also use cushion, but with more specific ingredients so it finishes off flawless, as follows.

Finishing matte

Cushions have different types of finishing, just like a foundation. It is best to choose a matte finishing for oily skin type, because it minimizes the shine on your face.

Spherical Powder

Spherical powder is an ingredients used to absorb oil, making it stay longer and hard to fade. Gives off a smooth and soft effect on the skin.

Contains SPF

SPF (sun protector factor) or sunscreen is an essential that can’t be missed on your skin care regime. But sometimes SPF cause your skin to look oily. To minimize this and to fasten your make up routine, choose cushion that also contains SPF. With that, you can save time and makeup will look effortly flawless.

Are you starting to get interested in choosing cushion as a daily make up regime? If the answer is yes, consider trying ULTIMA II Clear White DD Cushion Brightening SPF 50 PA+++. This new Cushion from ULTIMA II contains Spherical Powder Particle that helps absorb oil, making it last longer and gives off smooth effect on the skin. Aside to that, this product also contains Niacinamide that creates a glowing effect to the skin. The formula is suitable for all types of skin, especially oily skin.

ULTIMA II Clear White DD Cushion Brightening SPF 50 PA+++ have an elegant packaging design and have a special sponge for product application. It comes in two natural color selection which is Ivory for pale and reddish skin tone and Ocher for darker skin tone. Get a healthy, bright, and glowing skin with ULTIMA II Clear White DD Cushion Brightening SPF 50 PA+++ .

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