What kind of impression do you want to show in front of others? Sweet? Sexy? It’s up to you. However, for special events, especially work-related, you surely want to look elegant to give professional impression in front of your client, boss, or business partner. Elegance can be shown not only through fashion, body language, but also through your makeup. Before any important meeting, make sure that your makeup is in line with these criterias below :

Natural Eyebrow

The key to elegant looks is not to over do it, especially for your eyebrows. Even though thick eyebrows have become trendy, make sure you don’t do it wrongly. Draw an eyebrow outline in the shape you want by using ULTIMA II SOFT KOHL. For an elegant look, draw sharper along your eyebrow bone. Then, fill in the outline starting from the inside eyebrow to the outside.  Don’t press the pencil too firmly, to prevent blotches and unevenly strong colour.

 Long Lashes

Long and lush lashes can enhance your elegance. Especially when you smile and your eyes light up. Also when you blink. If you want to attend an important meeting, fake eyelashes can make your eyes look even more beautiful. Don’t forget to put on ULTIMA II LASH DEFINER MASCARA as a final touch so the eye lashes look more natural.  

Natural Blush

Using blush can be tricky. If you use it correctly, it can make your face look fresh and beautiful. However, if you use a little bit too much, then your makeup looks overly done. After dabbing the brush onto the blush-on surface, don’t forget to shake it a bit so not  to remove excess of product. For daily use, ULTIMA II DELICATE MATTE BLUSH is suitable because the matte finish looks more natural for. Keep your shiny blush variant for other events, such as party or date nights!

Contextual Lips

Continue by choosing a lipstick colour that suits the activity and atmosphere. If you’re going to the office or attending an important meeting, choose a safe colour such as pink or red which are generally suitable for all skin tones.  You may also use a nude color with a brownish or reddish tone. Matte lipstick is very popular right now, but it would not hurt you to try more natural and fresh lips look with ULTIMA II FULL MOISTURE™ LIPCOLOR .

Perfect Smile

“A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear,” reads a quote from the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. Don’t forget this, because a perfect makeup will not be complete without a beautiful smile.

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