We know that recent days traveling is no longer just a lifestyle, but also a necessity. Traveling to a new place and taking a break from activity can be a surefire way to drive boredom. As a bonus - photos taken during the trip can enhance your Instagram feeds. September 27th is celebrated as World Tourism Day. Do you already have your next traveling plan? If not, these 4 types of vacation trips can be interesting choices.

Travelling in Hype for You to Try
This one way vacation has actually been around for a long time, but later it has become increasingly popular because the vacation packages offered are increasingly diverse, prices varied from a minimal budget to a five-star hotel. Vacation with the same concept boat as visiting several cities (in one country) or several neighboring countries, the difference is you do not need to move places using land transportation such as buses or trains. Simply living comfortably on a boat, you will arrive at your destination.
During sailing, you can do many alternative activities. Starting from sports (gym, swimming pool, even, 'field' sports are available), enjoy delicious food, soak in the Jacuzzi, and many more.
Or maybe you can also try sailing while enjoying the beauty of nature. Go around the waters and stop by the islands around Labuan Bajo for example. Activities are not far from swimming, snorkeling, or trekking. But during sailing you will be treated to extraordinary natural scenery and sleep in an open cabin concept room.

Travelling in Hype for You to Try
Traveling alone? Why not? Traveling alone can sometimes get you to know yourself better. Try to choose exotic destinations so you can get out of your comfort zone and experience new experiences, get to know different people and cultures. Traveling to exotic places will also not bore you. Try visiting, Fiji Island, Cappadocia, Nepal, or Morocco can be an interesting choice.

Travelling in Hype for You to Try
If you are the type of person who can't get away from the crowds, traveling to big cities in the world is never dead. Enjoying nightlife, having dinner in a hype restaurant, and traveling around the shopping center is a fun thing for you. The more busy and crowded the city, the more you enjoy it. Try visiting New York, Tokyo, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong and mingle with the hustle and bustle inside.

Travelling in Hype for You to Try
Traveling by road trip cannot be done alone. Whether you go with a friend or partner, for sure you have to really choose a fun traveling companion. The destination is not the main one, but the trip itself; for those of you who choose a road trip. You can visit interesting cities in the country (circling Java while having a culinary tour is a tempting choice!) Or adventure in a foreign country like New Zealand, maybe?

If you have the opportunity to do exciting traveling like the ideas above, don't forget to prepare excellent physical conditions, stylish clothes, and also a camera to capture exciting moments of your vacation. Also make sure the skin stay healthy, beautiful, and free from acne by bringing ULTIMA II CHR Essentials Rescue Stick, first-aid to reduce acne inflammation. This constricted serum helps dry and reduces inflammation in acne and helps restore skin texture. The small and sleek packaging is very practical to carry anywhere so that it can be your skin bestfriend to reduce stubborn pimples that appear during the holidays. Say hello to holiday and bye bye acne!

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