Since Instagram was launched in 2010, it has garnered so much attention from smartphone users all over the world and it’s still growing until now. Amongst many other social media platforms, Instagram is feasibly the most popular photo sharing application. We have seen the births of celebgram a.k.a. Instagram influencers as many people and businesses use Instagram as a media for branding. It’s no wonder that more and more Instagram users compete to beautify their feeds! How about you? Are you also interested in creating creative feeds? If yes, try these tips below :

Be Yourself

A personal social media  is a representation of your life. Personal branding sometimes is needed to create a more interesting feed, but that doesn’t mean you should pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself by showing your interests and character. If you have a great interest in the culinary world, then show that in your social media. If you are a humorous person, just post your funny face expression.

Colour Consistency

Colour consistency can be something attractive for your Instagram feeds. For example, if you love soft colours, then you can post interesting pictures with soft colours. If you love monochromatic or bright colours, then be consistent with the colour tone. If you are bored, you can change the colour tone periodically. You can use soft colours for 1 week, then the next week you can use monochromatic tones and so on. Therefore, your feeds colours will look interesting and organized.

Use Technology

If you have a high tech gadget, you can use the photo edit application and use filters to help you. Increase your skill by maximising the technology. But be careful, don’t over use it! Avoid using filter or edit that seems unnatural, such as making your skin look too white and so on. This can make it look less beautiful and not real.

Great Angle

Your social media isn’t complete without sharing your selfie to your followers! Know your greatest angle, starting from the right position in a group photo or your best face angle. Remember this angle and use it during photo sessions so the result will be great.

Perfect Lighting

Make sure to take photos with a good lighting. Some people even spend some money to buy special lighting for photo taking (especially if you want to share your makeup). If you feel that you don’t need additional lighting, you can still have a great picture with natural lighting. For example, taking outdoor pictures during sunny days, the result will be beautiful!

Healthy Skin

Even with a photo editing application, to overdo the retouches on your face is not recommended. Especially when you start looking like someone else. Rather that editing, it’s better to take care of your skin so you look healthy and beautiful, then use natural makeup for a more perfect look. Cover your acne and dark spots with foundation ULTIMA II WONDERWEAR™ STAY LAST  so your skin can look flawless!

Favourite Lipstick

As a final touch, don’t forget to make your face look fresh in every picture. Only by applying your favourite lipstick, your picture will look even more beautiful. Try to use  ULTIMA II DELICATE LIPSTICK, enriched with moisturizer, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to make lips look softer, smoother, and more even coloured.  

Have fun trying out these tips!

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