People with dry skin may not worry about acne. However, this skin type is most likely prone to early aging such as wrinkles. To avoid this problem, people with dry skin must choose skin care with the right criteria.

In contrast with oily skin type that may have to struggle with acne, dry skin type rarely have one. The sebum production is not as much compared to oily skin, making it ‘safe’ from acne growth. But dry skin tend to have lower elasticity compared to oily skin. This will show when you reach middle age, dry skin tend to have wrinkles that appears as fine lines on the face despite of young age.

Actually, choosing skin care with the right criteria and applying it regularly can avoid the risk of early aging on dry skin type. So what is the criteria?

Contains moisturizing ingredients

Make sure your skin care of choice contains moisturizing ingredients to protect your skin from getting dry. Just like the series of Procollagen Extrema that contains Procollagen Essence, a Signature Collagen from ULTIMA II that stimulates skin cell regeneration and strengthen skin cell.

Minimize alcohol content

Check the alcohol content in your skin care, try to choose skin care with low alcohol content or none. The ‘drying’ properties on alcohol will cause your skin to lose its natural moisture.

Serum is more effective

There are various skin care formulas and textures to choose from. However, it would be great if you choose a serum to hydrate your skin. This type of skin care product proves to be effective on treating and moisturizing skin. You just need a few drops every usage to see optimal results. Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face & Neck is a serum suitable for dry skin type. Besides Procollagen Extrema Complex for Face & Neck, there are other product series that you can use such as Procollagen Extrema Complex Day Lotion SPF 30/PA+++ (moisturizer with UV), Procollagen Extrema Eye Essence (special moisturizer for eye area), dan Procollagen Extrema Advanced Activator (toner & mask).

All Procollagen Extrema product series contain three components that moisturizes and slows aging on the skin. First is the Procollagen Essence, that consists of Soluble Collagen, Hydrolized Collagen, dan Atelocollagen that moisturizes, stimulates cell regeneration and strengthen skin cell.

Second, Hydorxyprosilane, to stimulate skin regeneration, strengthen face skin structure, restore skin’s elasticity, and reduce fine lines appeared. Last is the Marine Elastin that has the ability to strengthen collagen tissue that creates a plump, firm and elastic skin. Use Procollagen Extrema product series regularly to achieve optimal results and have a bright, moisturized, firm and young skin.

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