Not all people have skin that regenerates immediately after acne has been healed. Most are the opposite, acne scars are harder to get rid of compared to the acne itself. But did you know that acne scars have different types and way to handle?


Boxed scar are remaining scars from inflammatory zits. This type of scars has ‘holes’ on the skin that is not too deep but is quite wide and has harsh lines like a box. Boxed scar appear because of collagen damage and the loss of collagen tissue on skin. As a result, the skin area in this section does not have a support and ends up with a protruding skin. To deal with acne scars like this you need skin treatments such as punch excision, punch elevation, dermal filler, or laser resurfacing.


Just like boxed scar, ice pick scar is also a acne scar that leaves a ‘hole’ on the face. Even ice pick scar is classified as the most difficult scar to remove because it is so deep, it can even reach the dermis layer. Acne inflammation that occurs on the inner skin damages the skin tissue and leaves scars like a prick. To deal with this type of acne scars, special treatments such as laser treatments, punch excisions, and even skin grafting are needed.


Rolling scar does not leave a hole like boxed scar and ice pick scar. However, rolling scar causes the surface of skin texture to become rough, up and down like bumpy. These acne scars generally occur after experiencing inflamed zits for a long period of time. Increasing age and sagging skin can cause rolling scar to be seen more clearly. The most common way to deal with acne scars is to do laser treatment to make the skin surface flat again.


This type of acne scars may be better known as keloids. These bumps on the acne scars or sores are formed when the body accidentally produces too many cells while trying to repair skin cells damaged by inflammation. The way to treat hypertrophic scar is by giving steroids or costisone injections. In addition, you can also use topical retinol products and laser treatments.



This type of acne scar is different from the previous 4 acne scars because it is not a scar. Hyperpigmentation is also caused by inflammation that makes the skin produce excess amounts of melanin. If left without treatment, these acne scars can take months to years to completely disappear. To deal with this type of acne scars, do intensive care with appropriate skin care products.

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