Matte lipstick is an ongoing beauty trend adored by multiple people. This lipstick can create a fuller lips, gives off an intense color and longer lasting results. Even so, applying matte lipstick can cause a discomfort on people who suffer from dry lips. This is because the formula on matte lipstick tends to be more ‘dry’ comparing to creamy textured lipstick. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the trend and maintain your lips’ health. You just have to know these essential steps to be done before applying matte lipstick on your lips!

Lip exfoliation

Dead and dry skin often cause a rough and uneven surface on the lips, so let it loose before applying matte lipstick. Natural scrub made of raw sugar with a little bit of honey can be a perfect natural lip scrub, or just to simply rub gently with a soft toothbrush, preferably baby toothbrush.

Add moisturizer

Next, apply lip balm on your lips. The surface of the lips will look smoother and even. This will create a healthy look when using matte lipstick later. During makeup, apply lip balm on the early process, then continue with the rest of face makeup until finish, then end it with applying matte lipstick. Don’t use lip balm few minutes before applying lipstick because this will cause a sticky and shiny lips, which then end up matte lipstick not looking perfect. Another perfect time to moisturize lips is before sleep every night.

Apply a quality matte lipstick product

Although matte lipstick tend to have ‘dry’ texture, your lips will look as moisturized and healthy if you chose the correct product. To achieve that, use Delicate The Matte Lipstick from ULTIMA II. Latest matte lipstick with an extraordinary ingredients and gives off high pigmentation. Contains Collagen that nourishes lips to feel as soft, with Vitamin C & Vitamin E as anti-oxidants to reduce dull looking lips, along with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera to keep the lips moist and comfortable. Comes with 8 interesting color choices.

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