Do you think your current skin care routine is perfect? The best way to take care of your skin is to maintain the essential skincare, which stimulates the production of collagen under the skin layers to hold your skin’s firmness. That is why you need to upgrade your skin care routine with our highly-recommended ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar series.

One of the must-have products in the series is ULTIMA II  Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Cream. This potent moisturizer is exclusively formulated to boost the formation of collagen on facial skin. Featuring our ultimate ingredient, Procollagen Essence of ULTIMA II, with infusion of Caviar Complex (known as "Black Gold") and DNA Gel (from salmon soft roe), to boost skin cells regeneration and provide richer nutrition to your skin. You can use this face cream in the morning and at night to get firmer, smoother, and more supple facial skin.

But it doesn’t end there yet, there’s even more you can get from our beloved Face Cream! You can also use ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Cream as a sleeping mask when your skin needs an extra moisturizing treatment. Just apply the product thicker on your face. Let it stay on your face all night and clean it in the morning. Use 3-5 days regularly to help minimize wrinkles and fine lines.

For best results, use together with ULTIMA II Procollagen Supreme Caviar Face Essence and Procollagen Supreme Caviar Eye Serum every day. 

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