How do you choose the lipstick color you’re wearing today? Is it based on the color of your clothes, occasion, or maybe your mood? Did you know that actually the most basic consideration when choosing a lipstick color is to match it with your skin tone? Once you choose a lipstick that matches your skin tone, voila, your appearance will look stunning instantly and the rest will follow!

First you need to do is identify your skin undertone. In general, there are three types of skin color shades. Determine the nuances of your skin color by looking at the following characteristics. Then, completing your look with Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek. The newest product from ULTIMA II is a lipstick with a formula to create soft nude colors with the best definition level that makes your lips and cheeks blush. Yes ladies, you can get stunning color results both on your lips and cheeks! Just one product to get the right hue for the lips as well as the cheeks so you don't have to trouble matching lipstick and blush-on colors!


Cool Undertone

Characteristics : Skins that are cool undertones are light-colored, sometimes pale skin. If you see a vein in your wrist, it will look bluish. Your skin looks more suitable to wear silver jewelry and tends to burn easily in the sun before it turns brown.

Recommended Colors : If you want to use red, choose a red color with a bluish shade like cherry red, for nude colors use pink nude or beige.

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Neutral Undertone

Characteristics : You are classified as having a neutral undertone if you have a mixture of pink and yellow at the base of your skin. Your skin tends to match a variety of color spectrums.

Recommended Colors : Nude, pink, or berry will look pretty on your lips. Well, basically you’ll look good in any colors so feel free to use whatever color you want!

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Warm Undertone

Characteristics : Your skin has a yellow, gold, or olive hue, and veins on the wrist appear greenish. Your skin also turns brown easily when exposed to sunlight.

Recommended Colors : Choose a lipstick color in warm shades such as bold orange, red bricks, terracota brown. If you want to use a soft color, just choose a derivative of these colors with a softer shade.

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Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek not only has beautiful colors and dual function as lip and cheek shadow. It also contains ULTIMA II Collagen Complex combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Nutritious Oil Complex to nourish and moisturize the lips and cheeks, keeping it soft, supple, and healthy all day. Look sensational and feel exceptional, all achievable in just a glide away!

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