Dessert is synonymous with sweetness, freshness, deliciousness, and an attractive appearance. But what happens if dessert is used as inspiration for everyday makeup? Here are some dessert-themed makeup inspirations that are perfect for both day-to-day and special occasions.


1. Fresh Peach Sorbet




Peach-toned makeup can give a fresh and sweet impression when applied correctly on the face. Start the makeup by using Delicate Under Make Up Natural Skin Radiance primer to make the makeup more durable and glowing. Then apply a thin eyeliner on the upper lash line using Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner, an eyeliner pencil to create a line on the eye waterline with ease and perfect results. Applying eyeliner only on the upper lash line helps to emphasize the eyes, and add neutral-colored eyeshadow. In addition, make sure your original looks neat and natural so that the makeup seems innocent. Meanwhile, give a touch of peach color to your lips using Delicate Moisture Lip Tint shade Peach Sorbet.


2. Sweet Rosé Latte




The pink-brown color makes your overall makeup look warm, casual, and elegant. Do basic makeup as usual, for flawless makeup results you can use a color-correcting primer, Delicate Under Make Up Tint Aquafleur to help reduce the appearance of redness and even out skin tone. Then draw a winged liner using Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner that is easy to apply and long-lasting. Dab a thin layer of Delicate Matte Blush shade Red Grape on cheeks and pair with ULTIMA II Delicate Moisture Lip Tint shade Rose Latte to color lips.



3. Popping Strawberry Pink Praline




The pink color is synonymous with a feminine and flirty impression. But who would have thought that you could also look playful even using this favorite color? The trick is to focus the makeup on the eye area. Pull a thin winged liner with pink eyeliner on the outer edge of both eyes, you can also use pink eyeshadow. The trick is to take a sharp-tipped brush, wet it with a bit of water, and take the hot pink color in your eyeshadow palette. Enhance your eyebrow look with The Nakeds Eyebrow Perfector. Pair the makeup with ULTIMA II Delicate Moisture Lip Tint shade Pink Praline which is super girly! As a result, you'll look cute and sassy at the same time.


4. Rich Chantilly Berry




You can also get a bold and mysterious impression with berry pink makeup. Apply a no-makeup makeup look on the face using The Nakeds Stick Concealer to cover dark spots on the face and give a smooth coverage. Perfect the skin tone by applying The Nakeds Pressed Powder which produces a smooth texture and natural soft finish. Continue with a touch of matching color on the eyelids, you can play with any makeup product in your pouch be it eyeshadow, matte lipstick, or blush. Give the final touch of ULTIMA II Delicate Moisture Lip Tint shade Berry Chantilly.



5. Classic Cherry Torte Flavor




Classic red lips never go out of style. Make a statement with a satin red lip and shimmery eyeshadow for an unforgettable look. To give your eyes a defined yet simple look, draw a bold eyeliner on the lids with Wonderwear Eye-Posh Liquid Liner along the lash line. For shimmery red lips, you can use ULTIMA II Delicate Moisture Lip Tint shade Cherry Torte.

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