Single on Valentine's Day? Why not? Celebrate this Valentine's Day by spending a special time giving yourself a whole lot of love. For no one but you know how hard you work these past days, darling! Celebrate this beautiful day with these 10 activities.


1. Take The Day Off Work

This is the first and essential step in getting your Valentine plans into action. Either filling it with leisure or being productive is your choice. But at least prepare one day off from your work routine.

2. Order Your Favorite Food

Too lazy to cook or are you on a certain diet? This is a good time for a cheating day. Order your favorite meal and enjoy it — no need to think much for today!

3. Travel To Distant Era Through Movies

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a historic time in England? Since you can’t travel to far destinations yet during this pandemic, you can replace it temporarily with binge-watching movies themed on historical periods in your home. Enjoy the gorgeous dresses, stunning palace and architecture, and intriguing life stories of each era through films or series such as Bridgerton, The Favourite, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Crown, or Downtown Abbey.

4. Pampering Yourself

Indulge in various comforts, turn on soothing aromatherapy, drink a glass of wine or your favorite tea, and have a refreshing head to toe treatment. You can do it yourself at home or try various face and body treatments at House of ULTIMA II at Plaza Indonesia.

5. Buy Something for Yourself

Because you deserve it, why not give yourself a gift? It doesn't have to be chocolates or flowers, maybe one of those items that have been in your e-commerce shopping cart for a long time but haven't checked out yet?

6. Send Good Food to Your Parents

They say food is love. On this beautiful day of love celebration, how about make a sweet surprise by delivering delicious treats to your parents?

7. Social Media Day Off

If it's not possible to stay away from smartphones and email, at least try to stay off social media for a day (better yet, if you can start a few days before Valentine's Day). Trust us, this will have a therapeutic effect. You will find yourself feeling more at peace than before.

8. Wear Something Festive

Don't let the pandemic turn your Valentine's Day off. Even if it's just at home, office, or going on a monthly shopping spree, there are no restrictions on doing festive make up and dress up. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful on Valentine's Day, right?

9. Realize Your Forever List To Do

Things you always wanted to do but never did just because you haven't had time yet? Valentine's Day can be a perfect time for you to finally realize these activities. Whether it's finishing your long-on-list-to-read book to your very own DIY home decor, now is the time.

10. Send Valentine Gifts to Your Friends

Remember how you celebrated Valentine's Day back in school? You may have experienced the time of sharing chocolates, cookies, and cards with all your friends or classmates. So, why not send a special gift to your best friends? If you have time to prepare the gift DIY, it will be even more memorable.


Which activities will you definitely do today? Have a fabulous Valentine’s day, darling! 

ULTIMA II | The Ageless Expert Founded in New York