2023 will be an interesting year for nail art lovers. If you want to look fashionable with beautiful and unique nails, here are five nail art trends that you must try along with makeup styles that go well with you for the summer trends of 2023.


1. Minimalism with a Colorful Touch


1. Minimalism with a Colorful Touch Nails1. Minimalism with a Colorful Touch make up

Image: thewonderforest.com, lesoverdose.com


The nail art trend for 2023 will be dominated by minimalist designs combined with colorful touches. For example, a combination of neutral colors such as black, white, or gray with bright color accents such as red, yellow, or blue. Neon colors will also bring a fresh impression to your appearance.


Pair your colorful nail look with fun makeup. Pick one dominant color that you want to accentuate (make sure it matches any of the colors on your nails!). For example, you can use Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek shade Divine Feminine which is multifunctional and can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyeshadow.



2. Nude, Blue, and Matching Textured Nails


2. Nude, Blue, and Matching Textured Nails2. Nude, Blue, and Matching makeup

Image: fashionisers.com, weddingforward.com


This year's nail art trend will also feature nails with an interesting texture. Rough or jagged nail surfaces will be the main focus. Using acrylic powder, gel, beads, or sequin powder will give you a unique textural effect. This style gives dimension and depth to the nail design, creating an interesting and innovative look.


Pair textured nail art with a unique makeup look. Accentuate your eyes with The Nakeds Eyebrow Perfector and Wonderwear Eyesexxxy Eyeliner. Then complete it with Wonderwear No Ordinary Nudes Liquid Lip & Cheek shade Not a Plain Jane or She's Nailing It.



3. Play with Sparkle Effects


3. Play with Sparkle Effects Nail Art3. Play with Sparkle Effects makeup

Image: rosaiselarr via Pinterest, sheknows.com


The glitter effect, also known as Cat Eye Nail Art, which gives a sparkling effect, will never lose its charm. The 2023 nail art trend will feature nail designs that make use of a wide variety of glitter products, glitter flakes, or glitter coatings. Try applying glitter all over the nails or just a few nails as an accent. With glittering nail designs, you're sure to be the center of attention wherever you go.


Shiny nails and makeup will not fail to create a stunning look. The overall theme will be the 'no makeup' makeup look. Apply The Nakeds Face Powder to make your face look fresh, and add glow using Delicate Facelight on the cheeks and eyes. Finally, set your makeup with The Nakeds Absolutely Flawless Face Mist to keep it fresh and flawless all day long.



4. Botanical Motif Nails with Matching Makeup


4. Botanical Motif Nails4. Botanical Matching Makeup

Image: weheartit.com, styleoverdose.com


Trends in nature continue to influence the world of fashion and beauty, and nail art is no exception. In 2023, botanical motifs will be dominant in nail designs. Leaves, flowers, and other plants will be the main inspiration. You can choose realistic or abstract botanical motifs, depending on your personal style and preference. This nail design gives a fresh and natural touch which is perfect for spring and summer.


Nails with pictures of flowers or leaf tendrils are suitable if you're feeling feminine and elegant today. Combine beautiful botanical-themed nail art with feminine and elegant make-up. Accentuate your eyes with the Wonderwear Ultra Dramatic Mascara. Give a touch of soft color to your cheeks with Delicate Shine Blush and your lips with Procollagen Lipstick.



5. Graphic Pattern Nails and Edgy Look


5. Graphic Pattern Nails5. Edgy Look

Image: Jessica MacClinchy via Pinterest, pausaparafeminices.com


Graphic patterns are an ever-popular nail art trend, and 2023 will be no exception. Geometric lines, checkered patterns, or designs inspired by abstract art will steal the show. The use of contrasting colors and bold compositions will give a unique and eye-catching look. If you want to go bold and bold, nails with graphic patterns are perfect.


The geometric designs on the nails give a bold and bold impression. Apply the same shades to your makeup. Get a flawless complexion with Wonderwear Cream Make Up foundation. Give your eyes a sharp silhouette using the Wonderwear Eye-Posh Liquid Liner and complete them with a nude pink or brown Delicate Lipstick.



Don't hesitate to try nail art trends this summer! Express your creativity through unique and beautiful nail designs and makeup styles according to your mood. Remember to always be creative with styles and colors that match your personality. Good luck!

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