We certainly have our own ways to deal with acne. In addition to taking care special treatments for acne prone skin, many women also choose to rely on the care of certain Dermatologist. This is not wrong and certainly gives maximum results. The healing process of each person is also different.

Take it easy! To deal with acne skin is not as difficult as you think. An easy way to get rid of acne is maintain the cleanliness of your skin and washing your face after activities or makeup by using the right product.

Ultima II is concerns with the problem so Ultima II releases CHR Essentials Rescue Stick which is a first aid to reduce stubborn acne inflammation. Containing Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark extract, it functions as anti-bacteria agents and acne fighter. Not only that, Hyaluronic Acid and Witch Hazel extract work as a Natural Moisturizing Factors that hydrate skin so that your facial skin feels supple and soft.

What's interesting about this product is, it comes up with compact and convenient packaging and you can bring it everywhere you go. CHR Essentials Rescue Stick is easy to use anytime and anywhere. You can use this spot treatment above makeup too. It such a life savior!

Even this serum is enriched with Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant to brighten the skin and Soluble Collagen, which is the main ingredient of ULTIMA II. This concentrated serum helps dry and reduce inflammation in zits and helps restore skin texture. So, say goodbye to acnes and let's have a fresh face with CHR Essentials Rescue Stick!

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