Which one’s better, matte or shine? Well darling, it always depends on the purpose and what makeup style you want to achieve. Both types of blush finishes have their own benefits and perks when used according to your skin type and the occasions you are going to attend. Know the differences and advantages of the two blush on below!


Timeless Beauty with Matte Blush



Matte blush offers a natural blush that is suitable for all skin types and tones. Matte blush can give more definition and strong color to the face. If the end result you are looking for is neat, natural makeup, a matte finish is your solution.

Matte blush offers a natural hue and finish suitable for any occasion. It compliments all skin types, especially for those of you who have oily skin that already has sufficient natural glow within the skin. Matte blush is going to be one of your go-to product in your favorite makeup kit.



Fresh & Luminous Look with Shine Blush



If you want to create a natural glow look on your face, especially to accentuate the cheekbones, then shine blush is the right choice. Its characters that capture and reflect light are perfect for playing various looks like dewy, fresh, edgy, eccentric, even artsy. Besides that, shine blush can also make you the center of attention when used at night events such as parties, formal banquets, or even dinner dates. It will give you a more stand-out appearance.

Remember to apply them just enough on your face, because shine blush can create an oily skin effect from its shine if you apply too much.



The difference between these two types of blush doesn't make one better than the other. Keep in mind that makeup is a harmonious art, so it will look better if every part of your face can compliment each other. Another worth-a-try beauty trick is to combine the two (both matte and shine) to create a blush gradient with a specific colored soft shimmer effect. ULTIMA II Delicate Matte Blush that’s soft and blends perfectly on your cheeks to produce a natural matte finish in 5 stunning colors, or ULTIMA II Delicate Shine Blush in 7 gorgeous shades that provides you a natural glow on the cheeks. You’re free and limitless to express yourself, darling!

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