Acne inflammation can sometimes distract us from doing our daily activities, especially when it appears right before an important agenda. But don’t let these pesky problems beat you down. Here are some emergency tips you can try to get rid of acne inflammation in a short period of time!

  1. Avoid squeezing it
    We all know that having an acne inflammation is very disturbing. You want to get rid of it as fast as possible, even going as far as squeezing the acne. But do take note that doing so can only cause the acne even worse. Remember that our hands and tools are not sterile. Not only it will worsen the acne, it can actually cause swelling, injury, and even acne scars. So consider twice and resist as much as you can if you want to squeeze it.
  2. Compress with ice
    Take a bunch of ice, wrap it in a cloth and compress it on your acne. This is a classic and proven way to help calm the inflammation down and reduce the redness. But remember not to press it too hard as it can cause pain and worse inflammation.
  3. CHR Essentials Rescue Stick
    Doing the basics will not magically get rid of inflamed acne, unless we give it a little boost. CHR Essentials Rescue Stick dari ULTIMA II can come in handy during emergency situation like this. It is the first step to reduce acne inflammation and contains Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract as anti bacteria agent and acne fighter; as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Witch Hazel Extract as a Natural Moisturizing Factor that hydrates your skin, making it soft and plump. Enriched with Vitamin C as antioxidant to brighten the skin paired with Solluble Collagen as the main ingredient of ULTIMA II. This concentrated serum can help dry and reduce acne inflammation and restore skin texture effectively.

Combat acne inflammation with these 3 simple steps and don’t let acne disturb your daily activities.

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