Cutting edge technology is getting more popular in the world of beauty and skin care. Countless skincare options compete and claim to solve all sorts of skin concerns. No wonder if we are left confused in deciding the most suitable product for our skin. Worry no more! Here’s a handy guide just for you, to help finding the best ULTIMA II product according to your need.

#1 Your Skin Concern:

Your skin might be (almost) free from any concern right now. However, over time the harmful effects of UV, free radicals, bad nutrition, internal factors including hormone and stress can really worsen our skin’s condition. Collagen production also gradually decreases, which prompts signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to start showing.

Your ULTIMA II Skincare Choice:

Ultima II Procollagen Supreme Caviar range is the most suitable solution for you because it contains three types of collagen: hydrolized collagen, soluble collagen, and succinoyl atelocollagen. These three types of collagen are processed using advanced technology to create finer, smaller molecules which can be easily absorbed into the deepest dermal layer of the skin. Skin becomes smooth, moisturized, firm, fine lines become less and pores look minimized. You can look younger, longer!

#2 Your Skin Condition:

As you get older, more skin concerns show such as acne and dark spots, larger pores, dry skin and wrinkles. Delay the aging process with the best skincare that can improve your skin condition:

Your ULTIMA II Choice of Product:

Use ULTIMA II EXTRAORDINAIRE SUPREME PRECIOUS COLLAGEN. It contains pure marine collagen that can improve hydration and increase natural collagen production. Enriched with Dynalift technology that can firm skin, minimize pores and wrinkles. Including multi-peptides that can make the skin smoother and younger. With regular use for 4 weeks and continue 2 times a week, you can achieve optimum skin balance. Pores look minimized, skin appears smooth, firm and supple.

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