Do you love shopping? We think almost every women love retail therapy! Especially if there’s a discount or other interesting promotion, you don’t want to miss it. However, keep in mind, that this hobby can also  give you a hard time. Follow these tips below so you can become a smart buyer!

1. Don’t rush!

If you see interesting things, don’t rush into buying it. Especially if you want different things and have to choose only one. Try window shopping to other stores before deciding to buy the one that you love the most, so you will not regret buying it only because it was on sale.  

2. Compare prices

If you want to buy something, try to compare prices with the same thing from different brands. If the quality and function is the same, you can choose the one with the better price. Besides that, you can also compare prices from offline and online store, because some online stores are cheaper. After comparing prices, the payment method also determines whether you get even more discount, for example using a credit card from a certain bank can increase your discount, so you can use that opportunity.

3. Check quality

For online shopping, you will buy something based on the picture only, so you cannot always check the real quality of that item. Read thoroughly the product description, including the material, colour, and other details so you will not regret it. For skincare and makeup products, put quality first so your skin will get the best product. If you are buying skincare that you have never tried before, you should read the reviews first in any online media. If you want to buy anti aging skincare, and there are many brands which offer this, you have to find out about the product information on the brand’s website, and review from users so you can get the best products.

4. Check Terms & Condition

Check item conditions before buying something. Can you exchange or refund things that you have already bought? If there is a promotion, check the terms before buying it. Often, the terms and conditions are written in small letters or separately, so you have to really check it. Please ask the sales assistant or customer service for further details.

5. Needs or Wants?

The most important thing, you have to ask yourself, do you really need that item or you just want it? Sometimes you can feel guilty or even regret buying things that you don’t really need and will not use at home. It’s better to keep your money for more important things, or better quality products, or buying new arrrivals. 

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