Changes in body weight can occur due to various factors. From the process of pregnancy and childbirth, diet, lifestyle changes, even slight fluctuations in weight, everything can affect your overall body shape. Our body changes over time, so to always keep it fit and ideal requires special effort. Sometimes it takes a longer process. That’s why House of ULTIMA II with their advanced technology and high quality treatments presents you a more convenient and pleasurable way to help you realized a toned and fit body, along with an ideal shape figure — introducing 'Red Carpet in 5th Avenue' Treatment from House of ULTIMA II.


What Is It?

Red Carpet in 5th Avenue is a body treatment to tone the body and build muscles using a combination of high-tech technology Gold Standard RF Technology with MRP (Muscle Restora Plus). Has three main benefits, namely 3R: Release, Remove, & Reshape which can strengthen and increase muscle volume.


What Are The Advantages of The Technology Used?

Each technology in Red Carpet in 5th Avenue has a specific function that results in a more effective fat reduction process, provides you maximum and safe results.

1. Gold Standard RF Technology

Delivers radio frequency energy so that it can reach the upper and deeper layers the skin, so that it can stimulate collagen while increasing fat metabolism in the hypodermis layer.

2. MRP (Muscle Restora Plus)

Serves to improve blood circulation, improve oxygen circulation, smooth lymphatic channels and metabolic waste disposal, and increase muscle tone.

3. The Combination of Two Advanced Technologies

Provides double energy to the target tissue in the body which results in a stronger and faster fat burning process.

This technology is applied together with the exclusive ULTIMA II Nourish Marine Algae Body Ampoule and ULTIMA II Body Care Gel for Cellulite products.


How Does It Works?

The energy produced by electric currents through MRP technology is conveyed to the dermis and hypodermis layers. This causes muscle contraction so the fat is reduced, collagen and elastin are stimulated.

In general, this treatment lasts 30 minutes or more depending on the number of body parts being treated.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Red Carpet in 5th Avenue produces no downtime or side effects after treatment. The day after the treatment, you may notice mild redness. However, you can cover the redness with make up or sunscreen and continue your daily activities as usual.


Who Is It For?

This treatment is suitable for those of you who have excess fat piles in certain body parts that are difficult to get rid of as well as everyone who want to tone up their body and build muscle. Changes in body shape due to diet or childbirth sometimes leave fat to interfere and have difficulty regaining body shape and muscle tone. If you are experiencing this problem, then 5th Avenue Red Carpet treatment is your soulmate!


What Are The Results?

The three main benefits that you will get, namely Trilipo Triple Action:

  • Release : Breaks down the fat in the subcutaneous layer.
  • Remove : Increases fat removal through lymphatic channels.
  • Reshape : Shapes and firms skin.

The results can be seen from the first treatment and will be maximized at each subsequent treatment session. This will accelerate the transformation of your body shape to get the desired body goals!


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