You may already be familiar with using a skincare regimen in a few steps; four? Seven? Or even more? We know that skincare takes time to work and for each person, it certainly takes a different amount of time depending on everyone's skin condition. But actually, you can speed up and maximize the effectiveness of the skin care products you use with just one extra step.

ULTIMA II is pleased to introduce the CollaSence Advanced Activator, an upgraded “skin booster” from the Procollagen Extrema Advanced. The signature CollaSence from ULTIMA II, a unification of three types of collagen perfected with unique technology to nourish the skin and help slow down aging signs.

Now even better. This skin booster is enriched with PFE-RX (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract RX), an extract from Antarctic sea with abundant benefits including extra hydration and maintaining elasticity so that the skin is able to absorb the benefits of all your skincare better.

Use ULTIMA II CollaSence Advanced Activator in the morning and evening as part of your skin care regime. You can use it on cleansed skin, after using toner and before using essence or serum. Moisturized and glowing skin keeps you looking fresh and healthy at any age!

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